Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Are Really Doing This!

Yes, yes we are. What are we doing, you ask? We are reaching our goals, that's what we are doing.

We are no longer listening to the lying and negative thoughts that tell us we can't and won't or we're not worth it or qualified. Even, "well, God just made me this way" is sometimes a lie. God didn't make you to hate yourself or cast disbelief in yourself. He believes in us. If He didn't, He wouldn't have made us in the first place. He didn't have to ya know!!!!!

Since so many of you have emailed me or commented on my blog, I'm going to brag about you. I'm impressed, tickled, and inspired by your goals and commitments!

Joy is going to exercise 5 times a week! You go girl! I bet there are some hills "up north" for you to climb! I'm going to be checking the accountability section of your blog...do you still do that? You are such an encourager to me, I want to encourage you too. Way to go:)

Jillian is starting to run and is training for a 5k in 5 weeks! Rock on! I know you can do it and I can't wait to hear about your progress and success. Whooo-Hoooo!

Michelle is actually the one who inspired me to post my picture in the sidebar. I haven't even told her that yet. She has been doing great and is recommitting to her good healthy habits and exercise. She's a walker walking her way to good health. Michelle, you are doing great!

Deb joined Weight Watchers this week. Yeah Deb!!!!! That's wonderful. You can help me count points! Let us know if you find any scrumptious low point treats! (like the Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches for 2 points!)

Marilyn in Mississsippi is walking. Now Marilyn, I just want to tell you that I think you are an incredibly beautiful woman and I want you to refer to yourself that way. Inside and out! You keep up that walking. Keep getting up early to avoid that awful Mississippi heat!

Diane-Now I'm not sure what Diane is doing for exercise, bless her sweet heart, last time I saw her she could barely walk. But, she did say she'd post a picture of her backside to make me feel better. Diane, I'm still waiting...........

Bernadette is getting up and doing at least 10 minutes of exercise! Awesome Bernadette. You keep doing this and I bet you'll be up to 15 minutes before you know it. She also is committing to read her Bible this week. Bernadette, this is the best thing you can do for yourself. Fill yourself up with God's Word. Your goals are great! Way to go!

Renee Swope (don't kill me for posting this, but I want to make sure you really do it!) is most probably and very likely going to begin training for a 1/2 marathon. We are going to do our long runs on Saturdays together (beginning in about a month) and run the race in Kiawah in December. Her hubby is doing the full marathon! Isn't that great! Renee has already been attending gymnastic classes and walking. You can so do it Renee! You can do it! We can do it together!

And Kelly, you commented on Mandisa's song, True Beauty. I had the awesome pleasure of meeting Mandisa 2 years ago when she was on the American Idol tour. (Here she is with Lisa) She was so beautiful, so kind, so genuine, and we hugged over our shared love of the Lord. I love her song True Beauty. The whole CD is so good. And isn't music just good for the soul? I don't know if I could make it through a workout without it!

Ladies, Congratulations to all of us for setting a goal and sharing it with others. We have to set a goal before we can reach a goal. Please keep me posted on how you are doing. You inspire me and give me courage to keep going. Also, even if you are struggling, share that too. Let others learn from your strengths and weaknesses, your successes and failures. We all have them. It's fun to share the good. It's hard to share the not so good. But, it's okay.

Many of us who battle the feeling good about ourselves thing, often question if we are normal or what's wrong with us. I am taking questions that I've received over the past week and posting about them on my other blog. I talked about being normal and how our feelings shouldn't dictate what we think about ourselves. Hop over there if you want to read about it. http://www.melissataylorp31.blogspot.com/, July 21st, "you Are normal".

Before I close, I'll share a little joy. I've lost 6 pounds since beginning WW a little over a week ago! Now of course that won't happen every week. If you have started a healthy living program before, you know the first week is when the most weight is lost, USUALLY NOT ALWAYS! I also FINALLY exercised for the first time since my vacation. I walked about 3 1/2 miles early this morning (5:30 am). I'm hitting my neighborhood gym tomorrow morning to do some cardio and weights. Wish me luck. I mean pray for me to keep getting up early. Once I'm up, I love it, but it sure is hard to get up. All of your comments really have me motivated right now though.

I'm so glad we can encourage each other to reach our goals. Now, go look in the mirror and look deep into your own eyes. Say, "You my dear are beautiful!" Because you are!

Love and Beautiful Blessings,

6 Pounds Lighter, Melissa:)


Busy Mom said...

How awesome is this! Way to go girl. I need your motivation! I need to loose about 25 lbs. I am thinking I should be like you. Lord help me! My back is giving me fits but once it's better here I think I will GO FOR IT! I will keep checking back for updates!

Michelle said...

Great job Melissa! 6 pounds! WOO HOO!!!
Thank you for the encouragement for me on your post.

Here is my update.

Since we have all been sick with this stomach bug starting last Monday, I haven't really been focusing too much on my eating and exercise. I have been doing good to even get food in me! I have these waves of nausea that are killer. Instead of eating real food for lunch and supper I have been eating cereal. So I guess that is good? I hope by next week I can restart my schedule and get with the exercise and water. I am getting sick of the sprite and gatorade. I have started getting some water back in just not 60 ounces.
Thanks again for the encouragement, it helps to know that you believe in me!!!!

Diane said...

That is awesome, you can't see it but I am doing the happy dance in my heart.
I will indeed post my backside for you. As for exercise I have begun my pool regiment at the rehab pool. It is 92 degrees all the time and is wonderful for my painful body. It is also a wonderful place where everyone is equal.
Thanks and look for the picture tomorrow.
Love ya,

Amy L Brooke said...

Congratulations Melissa! Keep it up!

Joyful said...

WAY TO GO MELISSA!!!! YEAH!!! I'm clapping and cheering you on!

I love reading your posts - even more now than before, because I can hear your voice in my head - and that makes me smile! :o)

OK...true confession...exercise hasn't happened yet this week. Dealing with this abdominal pain is making it hard. Had the ultrasound today and should know the results before the week is over. I'm not making excuses...honest..just don't want to aggravate something that is already causing this discomfort...at least, not until I know what it is!

Melissa, I was actually on my face on the floor praying this morning...praying for someone to hold me accountable in this...I NEED accountability...not just with exercise, but in other areas too. If you looked on my side-bar you'd notice nothing has been written since May - and that entry just says, "The good that I would, I do not..." Pretty pathetic! I used to have an "accountability partner" and we would meet every other week to pray, dig deep, ask the hard questions...we shared this relationship for several years and it was wonderful. Then we moved, and although we tried to keep it going, the distance and added travel time made it next to impossible. I miss her terribly. The last four years have been so hard without her - we were the best of friends. Anyway, know God is fully aware and I have to keep trusting Him.

Love to you tonight my friend, and keep up the great work! So very proud of you!!!!


Bernadette said...

6 pounds!!!! Go Melissa! Congratulations! We had a saying in WW when I attended. "I hope to see less of you next week". Only a WW would understand. LOL(laughing out loud)!

My update: I exercised this morning, I am not sure how long. It felt so good!!!! Smile!

I read a devotion today and then the scripture references. Tonight I am going to read the whole chapter from the devotion.

I am off to bed now. First, I going to pray and read. I will also do a couple of sit ups.

Thanks for the push. I am going to exercise tomorrow again.

Okay, enjoy the rest of this evening.

Thanks Melissa, keep up the good work or shall I say God work. Smile

Thanks again.....

Deb said...

Way to go Melissa. 6 pounds lost is awesome. I found out last night that I lost 4 pounds last week. I know it's my first week and the weight loss will slow down but right now I am so motivated. Reading all of the other people's goals and what you have accomplished motivates me also. Keep up the good work. I will keep you in my prayers.

Have a great day,


Tameka said...

Very encouraging & motivational. That's what keeps me coming back for more!!! Way to go on the loss!! I'm on the same journey myself - can't keep using baby fat as an excuse any more (my son is 4)! lol...


Jen said...

Great job Melissa!! You are truely beautiful inside and out! You are very encouraging!!! I need to lose a lot of weight! And it is soooo very difficult for me. As I have said in a previous comment I am an emotional eater so when things aren't going well.. what do I do?! hmm.... turn to food.. hmm.. not very good! I am trying to work on this part. And I need to be more consistent with eating healthier AND exercising!!! So if you could pray for me about that would awesome!! I need accountability as well... it is hard to be committed to something when your not really being asked if your exercising and such! Thanks for always being real and encouraging!! Love ya! God bless!

Renee Swope said...

I am so excited to be training with you for the 1/2 marathon. JJ has been praying I would start running with him and you really inspired me to believe that I can do it. Working and traveling has been my excuse - not enough time. But if you can do it, I can to sweet friend!

I have been doing that strength/conditioning class with Lysa at the gymnastics gym for a week now with a Russian instructor so I am getting my gears oiled and ready to start running. See you tomorrow at the office.

Thanks for naming me here so I have to do it!!!

Love you beautiful girl!

Diane said...


I was going to post my picture today. However I asked my 15 and 16 year old son to just snap a quick picture for the rear view. Their response "no way mom that's gross". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I promise I will get it up as soon as I can. Out of the mouth of babe's.