Friday, May 30, 2008

Waiting to Weigh In

Today is a "weigh in day" for me. Since last October, I've put on roughly 25 pounds! Honestly I have no one or nothing to blame this on except myself! Oh I could tell you that my circumstances were gloomy and times were tough, but I can also tell you that overeating didn't solve any of my problems. In fact, it just gave me one more.

Now I have some choices. I can sulk over the fact that my clothes no longer fit and I'm overweight. I can call myself a loser and a failure. I can sit in my house in front of the TV with an open bag of chips and gain more weight as I weep about myself. Yes, I could. And believe me I have at times done all of this. But not today.

Today, my choice is to treat myself like I was made in the image of God (see

I'm going to treat myself like my body is the temple of the Lord's (see

I'm going to treat myself like I'm God's masterpiece (see

When I look at myself through God's eyes, my weight really doen't matter at all.

Here I go. Although I'd like to be lighter, I know I'm dearly dearly loved. And that I am beautiful:)

Bye Bye Beautiful Friends,


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


"God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27

So often we use the words "self-esteem" or "self-image" when describing how we think of ourselves. I know I use them. Struggling with my self image has been a recurring issue for me and therefore my self esteem has suffered because of it. Thanks to God, friends, and a wonderful counselor in my life, this has gotten much better.

The Bible says that we were created in the image of God. Does that just blow your mind or what??? Is your image anything like that of God's? You probably said "no". That's because most of us suffer from low self-image.

God is perfect, this is true, but He doesn't expect us to be perfect. The Bible has countless accounts of the lives of people who God loved no matter what and they were far from perfect.

Christ died for you and me because we can never measure up and we can never be perfect. But like author Kimberly Davidson puts it, "He died so that we don't have to be perfect."

I have more to write, but I've got to go pick up my kids from school. I shall return!


I'm so frustrated right now because I added to this post and when I tried to post it, my internet connection went down and I lost it all! Do I have the time and energy to write again? I have a Bible study to get to within the hour! Guess I'm not perfect, good thing I don't have to be!

So, where was I. Oh yea, we can't be perect and we don't have to be perfect or even try. Our minds are so powerful. The thoughts that come into our heads have incredible power and can contribute greatly to our self image.

I have been very intentional on my thoughts lately. Especially the thoughts I think of myself. For the longest time, I have been my own #1 critic and accuser. However, I've learned that what I think about and especially dwell on is totally my choice. Now, when a negative thought about me enters my mind, I ask God if it's really true. I find that nine out of ten times, it's not. I'm so used to playing those negative self tapes over and over in my head that they just naturally pop in there. Instead of staying there, I determine that it's a lie (in most cases) and think of something good. I might meditate on a certain Scripture or even think about things I like about myself. There are many great things about me (and you!) that I can think about! This is still very hard for me, but I get better and better at it every day. I have had so much fun in the past month and I truly believe it's because my mind has occupied new information and thoughts. And it's been my choice to do that!

How can your self-image be low when you were created in the image of God? That's a question I've been asking myself. Being beautiful has nothing to do with physical appearance and everything to do with our hearts. My heart is full of love and I was created by God and therefore I am beautiful...and so are you!

Who is your image consultant?

Blessings, (and praying this will post this time!)


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Are You Content?

"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can everything through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:12-13

Oh I so want to answer this question with a big resounding "YES"!!!!!! But the truth is, I'm not content. Well, I kind of am, at least I think I am, but.....

I complain.

I am not satisfied with life.

I worry.

I get anxious.

I try to fix things...and people.

I try to fix myself.

I want new clothes.

I wish I had thicker hair.

I wish I had a thinner waistline.

I wish I had more closet space.

I could go on and on. It is really so selfish. And I say it and mean it, "Lord I am sorry. Please forgive me!" I am blessed beyond measure. I have the Lord in my life. What else could I possibly want????

From one of my favorite books, His Princess, Love Letters From Your King,

You were
given peace when you let Me into your life. It IS possible, My princess, to
enjoy your life with a peaceful mind and a contented heart. You have so much to
look forward to when you're settled in your heavenly home with Me. But for now
you must
remember that nothing you buy or collect will calm your spieit or
soothe your soul like I can. You came into this world with nothing, and that is
how you will leave it. Let Me do more
than give you the good gifts this life
has to offer. I will give you a place of peace, decorated with delight and
filled with memories that will be more cherished than anything this world has to
offer. So let Me be your treasure, and I will give you a rich life that will
become more
beautiful than anything money can buy.

Your King and your
Ok, I'm content:)
Have a blessed day,

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pee and Squat:)

Yes, that's right. I said, "Pee and Squat." Ha!

The Pee and Squat is my new everyday workout plan. It's easy and practical.

Now, just so ya know, this post is not meant to be like the greatest inspiration...I'm just sharing something that is working for me.

This week, I worked out 4 days. I sweated and I felt the burn. But I also know that there is more I can do without killing myself. More little efforts I can set forth that will make a difference in body, but not a difference in my day. One is the "pee and squat."

If you've seen the movie "Legally Blonde", then you are familiar with the "Bend and Snap." Well, this may not attract the UPS man, but it will lift your buns:)

Here is a great way to get some extra toning into your day without sacrificing time. Each time you go to the bathroom to go pee, also do some this:

***Go Potty. After you've done your business and washed your hands, before you leave the bathroom....
***Do 10 Squats
***Do 10 Side Bends (each side)
***Do 15 Waist Twists/Punches

Then exit the bathroom.

If you do this each time you go, you will burn 100-200 extra calories per day (depending how many times you pee!) Pretty cool, huh?

I just had to share.



Ok, now I'm off to Pee and Squat!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why is it so hard to believe...

That we are indeed beautiful?

Are we just so used to cutting ourselves down?

Are we just used to hearing lies from others?

Why is it so easy to believe...

That we don't fit in?

That we aren't good enough?

That we are ugly?

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me." That's a lie too. They do hurt. And if you are someone whose #1 love language is Words of Affirmation (written or spoken), like me, then you know that names and words do hurt.

I received a phone call today at work from a woman who knew the Truth, yet she believed the lies. Her own husband was using words to defeat her and she was buying into it. She was heart broken. She asked if I would pray for her. She was at the end of her rope and she didn't have the strength. She was sobbing. As the Holy Spirit began to speak God's Word and God's Truth to her through me...I know it was the Holy Spirit, because I could never have spoken the way I did, I amazed myself at the Scriptures that came to mind and the words of encouragement that poured from my was all God. I promise you this woman was so thirsty and I could just imagine her drinking the Living Water as she realized who she was in Christ. When we hung up, I thought, I needed to hear all of that from God too! As I was telling this sweet woman how amazing she is in God's eyes, I realized that way too often, even though I know these Truths, I don't live like it. I don't think about them enough.

If you are reading this, please know...You are indeed beautiful. You are a magnificent creation that God chose to put on this Earth. Your circumstances do not define you. Other people cannot decide who you are. And if the words of another are in conflict with the Word of God, they they are lies. Don't allow yourself to believe them. And I won't either:)

I naturally tend to believe the worst about myself. Left to myself, I can get down rather easily. By surrounding myself with people who build me up and desire the best for me, I'm reminded that what I'm dwelling on is not the truth. Notice I said "naturally". Naturally being just me, Melissa, I may not be capable of much. But there is He Who is living inside of me that is great enough to conquer and overcome anything.

I'd like to change my thought life. Beginning today. I'd love for you to join me. The next time I catch myself "believing" something other that the absolute truth about myself, I will stop and pray. I'm going to select one verse a week to meditate on that tells me who I am in Christ.

The first verse I'm picking is an oldie but a goodie (ha! they are really all oldies but goodies I guess) It's 2 Corinthians 5:17- "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"

So with that, this new beautiful creation, made in the image of God, is out of here! Let's remember that we are indeed New Creations and let's think like one who is thankful and grateful for the life she's been given!

Blessings Beautiful Creations,