Monday, January 28, 2008

Repeat After Me....

"I Am Beautiful!" That's right, you are. And so am I. And that's why I created this blog. I am done with the negative self talk and thoughts that I say about myself. It's certainly not what my Creator thinks about me. So often we base what we think about ourselves on the number on the scales or the size of our clothes. Or we listen to what others say. Or we compare ourselves to how the "world" defines beautiful.
One day my daughter came home from preschool with a picture. To me it looked like an ugly baked potato. I asked her to tell me about her creation. Hayley Grace proudly said, "Mommy, it's you. Isn't it blutiful?" (beautiful) Of course I said that yes it was very beautiful, but really I was thinking, "I really do look like an ugly baked potato."
You see, from my perspective it was an ugly picture of me that looked like a BP. But to the creator of the picture, it was "blutiful". It made me think. I often think I'm ugly or I feel bad about myself because I'm 20 pounds overweight or my outfit doesn't look right or I'm just having a bad hair day. But to my Creator, those are lies. I am not ugly in any way. God made me just the way He wanted and to Him I am beautiful.
Do you struggle with your self image? Do you compare yourself to others only to come up short? Are you struggling with your weight or self control in an area that affects your thoughts? Well, you are not alone.
I want this to be a place where we can share ideas to be healthy....mind, body, and Spirit! I want to offer you encouragement and I need encouragement too! We are beautiful in the eyes of the Lord so let's start living like we believe it too. Join me in the coming weeks to get ideas on feeling good, looking good, and changing the attitude of our minds. We are worth it!

Blessings Beautiful Ladies,



Denise said...

These 3 words are sooooo hard for women and girls to say ... "I am beautiful"... the question is why? Do we not believe it? Have we been conditioned to to put ourselves down as a means to get attention or fit in? Do we constantly feel as though we don'r measure up to societies definition of beauty. Has our definition of beauty been distorted?
These are some of the questions we as women in our society must resolve in order to gain a better more healthy acceptance of truth in our lives!This is an awesome blog Mels, and I believe it is yet another way to communicate truth to a hurting society! Love U D

Jake & Elwood Blues said...

Why is it so easy to believe the neagtive and not the positive. I was one of the ladies (DEE) at the Southbrook Retreat this past weekend. When I came home my husband immediately put me in my place. "Do you know that can't do any of this without you!" That was a true comfort to me as I have always felt like the world would be better off with out me. He even told me this morning (like he does every day) YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I am so thankful for my husband and family. I have been extremely overweight and very underweight but what I remember most is that weight has always been a discussion about me by everyone else in my life. AARRRGGGHHH!!! That is why we don't discuss it at all with our children. They get on the bathroom scale and say "Look Mommy how much I have grown!" And I repeat back to them "Yes you are growing Big and Strong". Iam beautiful and I will see it even if I have 30 pounds of flabby skin hanging off my body. It is not about the outside but the inside that matters! NO MATTER WHAT I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!

Charlene Kidd said...

I am so proud of you. I too have struggled with this issue, and even at the office the other day I was frustrated with me and the fact that I have gained 10 of my pounds back. I appreciate your being real with us.
I love ya,

Zoe said...


Wooo Hooo! You go girl!!!

I'm so excited for you and for every woman who will be encouraged by all of your blogs!!

The "battle of the bulge" is such a commom denominator for ALL women.
Have you ever met even one woman who wasn't struggling with her weight or with something she didn't like about her body?

Your willingness to share your story and stuggles is a powerful tool the Lord will use to set women free!!

You inspire me and I'm grateful to be your friend.
Blog on my beautiful sista,

lachey said...


Thank you so much for this blog site. Weight and appearance has always been an issue for me. When I feel ugly and fat I dress ugly and fat which makes me feel uglier and fatter and so the cycle continues. I appreciate your honesty. When I met you at last years conference I was a bit jealous (you know the kind of jealousy fat ugly girls get of the pretty girls!) But your beauty is sincere. It comes from the heart. I can't wait to be encouraged!


Alene said...

Melissa, I just stumbled upon your blog. I love it! I marvel at the fact when we women are all honest we battle the same feelings of insecurities and beauty. This coming Saturday I am speaking at a conference, "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" and my topic is how the world influences who we are. We buy into their lies and aren't in the word enough filling ourselves with God's truth that we are precious in His sight. If you could so indulge me and if you could tell our ladies one thing what would that be? If any bloggers would like to comment I'd love the input.

I am battling the whole getting healthy thing this year too. Believe me it has been a battle. One I'm not winning at the moment. Thank you for sharing your journey.


busymom said...

I just found your blog today. I needed to hear I'm not the only one to have organization and procrastination problems. I also read your I Am Beautiful post, boy did that hit home. Thank you for sharing and encouraging others to lean more on God.

Bobbey said...

I'm struggling hard with being beautiful these days. I intend to keep on reading your blog!

TPet said...

I just found your blog today. It's so encouraging. What I love the most about it is it's real.

Natalie Jackson said...

I am six months pregnant; though some people can't tell and last week my husband started telling me I was beautiful. That means a lot to me. I have done things the past few weeks that I am not proud of, but he still thinks I am beautiful and he still loves me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being authentic. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Both inside and out.

I really needed to read your blog today. I am ten pounds overweight, 37 years old (married) with infidelity and infertility issues, and ugly toes too. Too often I listen to the enemies lies, but I thank God that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and HE is captivated by me.

May God's Blessings overtake you and your family.

Kellie said...

I am so encouraged. It is time for a real revolution in this area. Woman and men both struggle with image. Enough is enough. I don't know where it all started or exactly how to end it. I am over feeling bad about myself for any reason. My weight, my mistakes and the way God created me. My gifts, talents and weaknesses. This truly is a stuggle that steals your energy and keeps you beat down and ineffective reaching out to others. I pray for all who read this that they would be so filled with the Love and Acceptance of God that we would never look at ourselves and critizise or judge again.

michy said...

"Beautiful", it's such a subjective word. Who do we want to be beautiful for? Whats beautiful to one, may be ugly to the next. I always want to be sooo beautiful, like the girls on tv who everyone talks about. I want people to look my way like they do the victoria secrets models. Then I realize, that no matter how many or how few people look my way, it doesn't validate my beauty. I pray that I can be beautiful in God's eyes! For if I am beautiful to HIM, then i am TRULY beautiful in EVERY sense of the word. Beauty is an inner peace that we all strive for. If the inside is beautiful, it will shine through to the outside. So, please God, help me to be beautiful for YOU. Amen.

Mitzi said...

Sometimes when I'm standing around washing dishes or cooking. I'll hear the word "beautiful" or "you are beautiful" It'll sometimes take a few seconds for me to realize the voice of the holy spirit and it'll put a smile on my face. God is good and I'm convinced that He really does think that I'm beautiful. And just think about this. He is the creator. His word is creative, therefore, if He looks at us and says were beautiful, that word has such power to transform us into Beauty! even if we feel ugly, are/or have behaved ugly. He transforms us from the inside out. So next time you're sitting around not paying much attention to anything and begin to hear the sweet words of the Lord, recieve them and allow them to brighten yor day as God transform your image. In Jesus' name~~Mitzi

Karen Whalen said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Melissa for the devotional you did on July 31, 2008. I don't get all those read, but I read it and had to send it to my mom and sister who also struggle with negative thoughts. I was also encouraged by your blog and the honesty with your pictures. I used to struggle with weight, but the WeighDown program of eating-when-your-hungry-and-stopping-when-your-full really helped me keep eating in perspective. Now, my biggest problem is negative thoughts, so the encouragement from your blogs is just what I need. Blessings to you and remember you are very beautiful to others by your encouragement and most of all beautiful to God!!