Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stay Tuned....

Do you see the photograph of me at the top of this page? It was professionally taken by Ralph Melvin, who did a fabulous job. I was so happy with it, I used it on my bio sheet, my website, my blogs, promotional materials, my FaceBook page, and get the picture. Now, I'm not saying that I am some physically beautiful person...but for me, this is a way good picture.

I had this picture taken last March when I weighed 135 pounds. You can't see, but I had a few zits on my face, my makeup was blotchy, and I did not have on mascara. You'd never know that from looking at this picture though. Do you know why? Of course you do. I was know touched up or whatever they do to make their clients look good. And I have to be honest, I was so happy they did this to me. You see, I saw the picture untouched and I didn't like it, but when they got through with it, I loved it. Although I believe it's what's on the inside that counts, I confess, I want to look good. I want to be pretty. There's not really anything wrong with those feelings, but there is definitely a fine line.

Today, I weigh 150 pounds!!! I won't get into it right now...the life long struggle with my weight and self-image, but I can tell you that on this 5'4'' frame, it's not my ideal weight and I've been so bad to my body over the past few months. I haven't been exercising regularly and I haven't been committed to healthy eating. That not only affects my looks, but it also affects my health. I believe a big part of "feeling pretty" is "feeling good". It goes hand in hand.

Anyway, I want be up front from the get go. I'll still use my professional picture because it really is me, but later today, I'll be posting some current pictures. No make up. No touch ups. Just me.

Stay Tuned.....

I Am Beautiful,


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Denise said...

OK, so maybe this should be titled, "Living Authentically and So Can You" I say press forward with caution, as this is a tough road ahead. Wear your seatbelt because you never know where this may lead you.... heck it may lead you into leading my minisrty! Come on Melsa, let's finally team up and do this thing right! LOVE U, D