Friday, May 30, 2008

Waiting to Weigh In

Today is a "weigh in day" for me. Since last October, I've put on roughly 25 pounds! Honestly I have no one or nothing to blame this on except myself! Oh I could tell you that my circumstances were gloomy and times were tough, but I can also tell you that overeating didn't solve any of my problems. In fact, it just gave me one more.

Now I have some choices. I can sulk over the fact that my clothes no longer fit and I'm overweight. I can call myself a loser and a failure. I can sit in my house in front of the TV with an open bag of chips and gain more weight as I weep about myself. Yes, I could. And believe me I have at times done all of this. But not today.

Today, my choice is to treat myself like I was made in the image of God (see

I'm going to treat myself like my body is the temple of the Lord's (see

I'm going to treat myself like I'm God's masterpiece (see

When I look at myself through God's eyes, my weight really doen't matter at all.

Here I go. Although I'd like to be lighter, I know I'm dearly dearly loved. And that I am beautiful:)

Bye Bye Beautiful Friends,


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Joyful said...

Hey Melissa, I think it's WONDERFUL that you're being so dedicated to making such great choices. You have given me fresh incentive.

Beginning last weekend, a friend in Kansas and I decided to faithfully e-mail each other every day to report on what we had eaten and whether or not we had exercised. This is going great!!! We have slipped up "a little" with our choice of food, but on the whole we're both making wise choices - knowing that we're going to have to report our decisions at the close of the day.

God's Word tells me that God sees me - all the time. He sees me reach for that chocolate. He sees me grab the bag of Dorito's. He sees the scoop of icecream (always a weakness)...yet knowing His eyes are on me, sadly hasn't been incentive enough. Wish I had the longing to do it for His pleasure alone, but thankful He is gracious and kind enough to give us friends to help us along the way.

Still cheering for you beautiful friend,