Sunday, June 1, 2008

Looking Forward to an Awesome Week!

Are you looking forward to this week? What do you have planned?

As I've posted, I'm really trying to focus on my thoughts and keeping my mind set on what is true, excellent, and praiseworthy. When negative thoguhts enter, I challenge them with the truth. The result is that I have felt so much better!!!! I'm actually happy to be me:) Even though I'm 25 pounds overweight. Even though I have made a mess of life over the past year. Even though I have disappointed so many people around me.

I am still happy to be me. Why? Jesus lives in me. No one can conquer me because of that one fact. No one. Nothing. I am alive. I am so well. I am free. I am forgiven. I am a new creation. I am beautiful.

This week I want you to join me in an awesome week. Of course there is much out of our control, but there is much in our control. For what is in our control, let's make it beautiful. Pick out one Scripture that you can learn and meditate on and live this week.

For me, I'm picking Joshua 7:10, "Stand up! What are you doing down on your face?". In other words, I am getting up. I have confessed and now I am getting back to my High Calling in Christ. I will not spend any more time on my face. I will move onward and upward. Because of Christ I am worthy of that privilege.

And I am looking forward to an awesome week!




Joyful said...

Hi Melissa
Love your attitude girl! It's bubbling off this post!
I'm going to meditate and practice Psalm 134:1a this week - "Now praise the LORD..." Regardless of feelings or circumstances, fears within and trails without, I'm going to praise the Lord. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the Name of the Lord. I don't have to wait until everything is peachy-keen to praise Him. I can praise Him in the uncertainties and in the darkness. I'm not to wait...but praise Him "Now".

Wow...can't believe 3 weeks tonight I'll already be home and the conference will be over. Fear continues to raise it's ugly head, but my your Joshua standing up. I read just this morning that "the destination of any trip sets the tone of travel". With that in mind, my excitement mounts as I can't wait to meet you!!!

PS. Way to go with your accountability!!! Yes, I'm still looking for that report and reading it!!! Three cheers of praise!

Michelle Bingham said...

Hey Melissa,
You are such and encouragement to me today. Thank you!

Marilyn said...'s good to see you posting again. I come and check every few days and was hoping nothing was wrong when you went for quite a while without saying anything.
You are definitely an encouragement....especially to one like me who very seldom feels like "I Am Beautiful". :)

May God bless you!

Marilyn in MS