Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Motivation Fades, but Commitment Remains

You know how when you first start something new, you get real excited about it? And you are motivated and have all this willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal? Well, that's how I get at least. And that's how I was when I posted my new goal to run a half marathon next December. I set up a walk/run schedule, I was eating healthy, I went online to find a training schedule, and even selected the race I wanted to run. I even recruited my husband, not to run, but to support me. He was very excited and proud of my new goal. Last week I exercised each day and actually looked forward to it.

This week however, the motivation began to fade. But I'm still committed! I can't believe how last week, I was so excited to get up each day and run. I told so many people how I was going to run 13.1 miles next December. Then the weekend came. I went to the mountains with friends. Had a great time. But when I came home, my excitement of the new goal had faded. Monday came and I did not want to get up and run...or walk...or even crawl. I just wanted to sleep and eat potato chips. Not exactly the formula for a marathon runner!

I'm thankful that my body doesn't rely on feelings to achieve my goals. If it did, I definitely wouldn't make it very far. I made a commitment...a goal. And I'm not quitting. Quitting isn't beautiful.

This week, it took a few days to get back into the game. And that's okay. Will and motivation will fade. Only with a solid goal and dedication will I actually get to the prize of the goal. I find my Christian walk is like that too. There are days when I am on fire and so ready to be all that Jesus wants me to be. I'm ready to live my faith, walk my talk, and share what Jesus does for me. Then there are also days when I feel like I just can't do it any more. I'm tired. I'm not good enough. I've failed. I don't feel like I'm a good example to anyone.

Fortunately, those feelings are just that...feelings. They are fickle and they change quickly. And they don't define the goal. My motivation may fade, but my commitment remains.

I'm committed to running that race in December. I'm committed to getting my body in shape between now and then. And I'm committed to Jesus.

I'm so thankful to be beautiful...aren't you?
Love to all my peeps,



dapple said...

I am happy to hear that you too are human. I think we all are like this, we get hyped up and excited about something. It is true committment to the event. Then life happens and somehow Saten gets into our head and tells us that we can't do it.
I am so glad that God doesn't feel the excitement drain out of us. I picture him being my biggest cheerleader,He is yours too.
See you soon and keep those running shoes on.

Joyful said...

Well...I ride that roller coaster with you my friend. This week has been one of unbelievable highs and horrific lows. One minute I can do all things with Christ and the next all I see is failure. One minute I'm going to tackle the impossible and the next I want to pull the covers over my head. One minute I am more than conqueror with Christ and the next the Goliath of fear has attacked and won.

This morning the Lord reminded me of a song by "Casting Crowns" - "The Voice of Truth". My feelings can drag me down...down deep...but if I hold on to God's promises and His Word I'm ready to mount up with wings as eagles.

You can do this Melissa!!! So glad you're back in the saddle, or should I say, lacing up your running shoes! Cheering you on all they way!!!

Riding the waves of emotion with you,

Michelle Bingham said...

Oh how you nailed me Melissa! I needed that reminder and kick in the pants right now! After a weekend of my birthday, family chaos(extended family) and a wonderful food filled father's day I am right with ya!

Amy L Brooke said...

Dear Ms. Beautiful,

I have a problem. I have this big conference I'm going to and I want to be pretty.... I often go natural -- truly. I just have never had much luck.

This weekend I decided to play with eyeshadow and mascarra. I must have gotten heavy on the shadow part or the combination of the purple (matched my top) made it seem (in certain light he says) that I had a black eye. So, much for a confidence booster.

While we walk, I am requesting beauty advice. Can we walk Thursday morning? My appts are 11:oo ish. Mayb you could tell me how to look beautiful! Rather than like I had black eye.Poor guy. I'm giving him a hard time about it!

Digging for Pearls said...

Keep plugging along! :)


dapple said...

ok ms. thing,

just checking on you and seeing if you are doing something physical.
So are you,