Friday, May 2, 2008

Pee and Squat:)

Yes, that's right. I said, "Pee and Squat." Ha!

The Pee and Squat is my new everyday workout plan. It's easy and practical.

Now, just so ya know, this post is not meant to be like the greatest inspiration...I'm just sharing something that is working for me.

This week, I worked out 4 days. I sweated and I felt the burn. But I also know that there is more I can do without killing myself. More little efforts I can set forth that will make a difference in body, but not a difference in my day. One is the "pee and squat."

If you've seen the movie "Legally Blonde", then you are familiar with the "Bend and Snap." Well, this may not attract the UPS man, but it will lift your buns:)

Here is a great way to get some extra toning into your day without sacrificing time. Each time you go to the bathroom to go pee, also do some this:

***Go Potty. After you've done your business and washed your hands, before you leave the bathroom....
***Do 10 Squats
***Do 10 Side Bends (each side)
***Do 15 Waist Twists/Punches

Then exit the bathroom.

If you do this each time you go, you will burn 100-200 extra calories per day (depending how many times you pee!) Pretty cool, huh?

I just had to share.



Ok, now I'm off to Pee and Squat!

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Joyful said...

Well....didn't know where you were going with this post today when I first read your title - you're too funny! Anyway....great idea. Wondering how this will look in the Public Washroom at church tomorrow....everybody now....

Congrats on your work outs this week - I'm impressed and jealous - I just haven't felt the motivation. I know, I know....must get past those feelings and on to what I know I should be doing!

Have a great day,