Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gonna lighten it up a little today:)

Wow. Yesterday's post was a toughy, so I'm going to lighten it up a little for the weekend.

Last night. Smile :) Last night, my husband took me on a date. Usually our dates consist of dinner, music, and home for a little lovin'. This week, we had 1 out of 3 and it was sooooooooo good! MUSIC :)

During our relationship, which dates all the way back to August 1981, one of our favorite things to do together is to go to concerts. Over the years, we've seen a lot. We both love music. I love lyrics (no surprise....words would be my love language) and he loves guitar. The show we attended yesterday, gave us both. We went to see Brad Paisley, here in Charlotte.

(Brad pictured here giving my son, Blake, an autograph at the Cars Movie World Premier a few years ago.)

He played a guitar (alternated between about 5 of them) during every single song. Each song told a story. There was a variety of music styles, ranging from good ole twang country to good ole southern gospel. I thought we were going to be on the 8th row. I was wrong. We were on the 7th:) It was just fun. We had so much fun. We sang. We hugged. (me and Jeff, not me and Brad) For 2 hours we forgot about real life. What a great night. (Thank you Jeff! It was one of my favorite concerts of all time. It takes a secure man to take his wife to see Brad Paisley and not mind that she thinks he's cute! But not as cute as you!)

Enough of BP. I added a new element to my blog today. On the right side I added some new pictures. I'll update them each week. It is REALLY time to get back on track with my health. Do you know that 9 months ago, I was 25 pounds lighter than I am today? I will write more on why I think that happened on Monday, but it is just a fact. Even though I hated to do it, I posted full body shots, front and back in the sidebar. Do you have any idea how hard that was for me to do????? I cannot believe how I've gone from size 8 to size 14 in just a little time. But, I'm not getting down, I'm just keepin' on. I've gotten a decent start with some minor exercising over the past few months. I started Weight Watchers last week (down 3 pounds thank you very much) and I've committed to run a half marathon in December. I am not a stranger to running. I used to LOVE IT! Less than a year ago, I was up to 9 miles. When I went back to work in October, my schedule was so different, I just quit. Plus I work with the world's greatest treat bakers and they love to share. How can I say 'no' to Barb's muffins, Wendy's pound cake, Samantha's apple thingies, Teri's chicken and dumplings, and LeAnn's full meal catering? Plus there's always chocolate! Well, up to now I haven't said 'no' and that's one of my problems. Melissa, repeat after me. "NO THANK YOU". I've got to learn to say that!

So, take a look. There I am at my starting point in my back yard. Each Saturday I'll take a new picture and post it. I think this will greatly motivate me as I work towards my goals. And I'm really excited to see the difference over the weeks!

Before I close, I want to say, that I fully know that no matter what our size, we are beautiful. I don't think beauty comes from looks, appearance, or size. For me, it's more a matter of what I turn to for comfort and what I think I'm worth. I will touch more on this in my Monday post. I've used food. I haven't been healthy. That needs to change.

My oh my, I can't believe I've posted my backside on my "I Am Beautiful" blog!

Love and Sweet Blessings,



Michelle said...

I am with you Melissa!
I gotta get this weight off.

But I have to say, you do look beautiful!!!


Jen said...

Ditto!! I need to get the weight off too. You are beautiful no matter what!!! I am proud of you for not getting discouraged!! that is a HUGE step!!! Blessings and love,

jillian4 said...

Okay, so definitely yes, this is a vicious cycle, weight loss:)weight gain:) SO I am right there with you. Tomorrow I am starting back with my running. I got online and got a training schedule to run the 5K in 5 weeks. So here we go, and then once I accomplish this it is the 10 week training for the half marathon. So you are inspiring me. Because I look at you and listen to you and you are real! So weight loss here we come and I will pray for you to continue in your endeavor!!! Thank you for your posts!!

Joyful said...

Melissa, early this morning I sat at our kitchen table "up North" :o) and wrote out some new goals. One of them included exercise 5 days a week (you're one up on me!). I only want to loose about 5 pounds, but I need the exercise for a healthier life-style. Too much sitting at the computer!!!!

Your pictures are adorable! You're just too cute! Love your backyard. It looks amazing compared to our "postage stamp" size yard. What's that African style hut we see in the background?

Glad you had such a fun night. You needed that!!!

Love, hugs and prayers,

Deb said...

Hi Melissa,
You look so cute. I need to lose some weight also. I want to feel healthier. Your blog last week about joining Weight Watchers inspired me. I joined Weight Watchers last week also. I need to take better care of myself. I will find out Tuesday how I did this week. Thank you for sharing so openly your life and your struggles. I really enjoy reading your blog and I always seem to come away with something to think about.

Have a blessed day!


Marilyn said...

I,too, need to lose some pounds. I gained at least twenty pounds in the 16 months between the time my Daddy was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and the time he passed away. It's been almost a year now since his passing and I still have not been able to get rid of the extra baggage!
Hey, at least you have that great tan and beautiful face and hair that I don't have! ha You look good as you are but I know that none of us need the extra weight because of our health. And so...I will keep eating my oats for breakfast and TRY to get in a walk. Need to do that NOW before it gets any hotter. Our forecast for today is for 101 degrees with a "real feel" of 111 degrees! Whew! That translates to being Mississippi humidity in a BIG way today!

God bless you.
Marilyn in MS

Diane said...

I am so happy for you 3 pounds less. Now to put a mental picture in your head. Take 3 pounds of butter out and look at it. It makes you happy to know that three pounds makes a difference.
Glad you got to see Brad. I think my favorite all time concert was seeing the original Peter, Paul and Mary. I was able to play guitar with Peter sbout 1 year later. That was so awesome.
If it will help I would be willing to put a picture of my backside up as well. I think al your regulares on the blog should do that. It would be a hoot.
Love ya,

Bernadette said...

Hello Melissa,

Your pictures are great. I am loving the transparency and openness.

I have been inspired!!! Yeah!

I am going to get up tomorrow and do at least 10 minutes of exercise. I will post tomorrow after I get in for the night and let you know. I am also making myself accountable. Well at least for one day. LOL!

In the past, I lost 45 pounds at WW. I kept it off for 3 years. My 16 year old son began doing "teen things". My life became engulfed with his world. He is now doing well. The teen phase is almost over. So during this break, I will refocus on myself again.

Melissa, what a great night out! You guys really had a great time. Thanks for sharing your world with your readers...


I am going to read my Bible more as well. Tomorrow,I will begin! I will commit for one week. I will read for three days this week. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the spark.. Smile!


Anonymous said...

Have you heard the song True Beauty by Mandisa? You should check it out.



Melissa said...

Love Mandisa's CD. True Beauty is really a beautiful song. Shackles is my favorite on there.

I'm getting ready to write my next post. I'm writing about all of the goals in these comments! Y'all are awesome. Keep up the great work!