Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 Things...keep em coming!

I am thanking God for the 10 things you like about yourself! Including mine, that's 60 things we've collectively found to be be thankful for about us.

Keep it up. If you haven't already posted 10 things you like about yourself, share them now. (see for details).

It's not so easy to think of 10 things to like about yourself. I could think of 100 things to like about someone else, why is it so hard to do for me? Because typically we don't think the best of ourselves. We need to change that. This is a start.

10 Things you like about yourself...keep 'em coming!




Karan said...

Okay, 10 things I like about me:
1. I like that I am now married to a man who loves me just the way I am.
2. I like that I am married to a man who believes in being faithful.
3. I love that I have a God who is faithful to me.
4. I like that I am an encourager of other.
5. I like that I don't judge others.
6. I like that I believe what the Bible says about forgiveness - that He really forgives us and does not remember it.
7. I like that God has gifted me with the ability to be forgiving and not bitter.
8. I am glad that I will be going back to college to finally become an English teacher!
9. I like that my age does not bother me. I am 42 and very happy to be so!
10. I love that God saved me at age 6, and that He never left me - even when I left Him.

Rina said...


I loved this exercise, it really makes you focus on the good qualities that you have. It helps to put your focus off of the bad things.

Here are mine☺, know that it was challenging, but alot of fun:

1. I like my unique personality, even if people don’t always get me.☺
2. I like that even when I feel like I have no strength left in myself, I still manage to be there for someone in need. That is only God’s grace.☺
3. I like the fact that even though I am overweight [yip me too…hehe] I am not afraid to be myself.
4. Also, I like the fact that I am not afraid to dress stylish, regardless of my body size.
5. I like that on good days that I manage to love myself like a best friend, even if the bad days I find it difficult, I still like the fact that I manage to love myself at all. It can be accomplished ladies!☺
6. I like that I am teachable to learn from God and those that walk with me on this road, and am not put off of the challenges that approach me, although they are difficult to face.
7. I like that I am someone who loves to laugh just as hard as I love to cry.
8. I like that I don’t allow circumstances to stop me from following God, yet at times it does feel like I want to quit, but by God’s grace I always manage to get through it.
9. I like the fact that I like super-hero movies and that that is a like that I share with my dad.☺☺ there is just something special in knowing that you as a daughter share a like with your dad. What can I say?
10. I like that I have love to spoil those that I love and don’t mind if no-one gives anything back, but just to see the look on their faces when u show them that you love them is reward enough for me.

Richest Blessing in Christ!


Anonymous said...

10 things... This was harder than I expected.

1) I like that I was a Christian early in life (9) and I've never strayed too far from that path
2) I not only love but like my husband and children. They are my BEST friends
3) I like that I'm artistic
4) I like that this girly-girl was raised with lots of guys and feels right at home with them
5) I like that I LOVE to cook
6) I like that I'm a loyal friend
7) I like that I remember things about people (family, friends, students) I like making them feel special and unique
8) I like that I'm hard working
9) I like that I'm a bargain hunter
10) I like that I LOVE the beach

Denise in Virginia

Jen said...

10 Things I like about myself:

1. I love that I have God who thinks the world of me. (if only I could truely believe it...)
2. I like that I am an encourager.
3. I like that I have many Christian friends who hold me accountable and who love me for me.
4. I like that God gave me a voice and love for singing praises to Him.
5. I like that even when I am going through a lot, I am still able to lay everything aside and help someone else in need.
6. I like that I am a loyal friend who does not expect anything in return.
7. I like that even when I am going through a lot, I am still able to journey through everything even though at times I just want to throw in the towel.
8. I like that it is not about me and it is ALL about God!!
9. I like that God can use me - a person who doesn't have everything together and who sometimes doesn't think highly of myself...
10. I like that despite the pain I have felt, God gives me the strength to keep pushing on!!!

This was kind of hard.... hmm... I think I going to try and write more of these in my journal sometime... Be blessed you beautiful women :-D

Anonymous said...

10 things I like about myself:
1. I can not stand to see anyone cry or feeling blue.
2. I always try to see the good in all things.
3. I don't have to be in the spotlight to feel good about myself.
4. I am a great mother.
5. I am a great grandmother.
6. I am a wonderful friend.
7. I am an excellent listener.
8. I am easy to forgive.
9. I have a passion for children and the elderly.
10. I am encouraged and excited daily because of my Christian growth.

Anonymous said...

You are right Melissa, This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I had to go beyond 10 because I kept feeling like I was liking things that I do, not liking things about myself... even with fancy wording, does it really count?
Bear with me, I think you will laugh at the end.

I like:
1. the gift i have for singing
2. the gift I have for playing piano
3. my eyes
4. my faithfulness to my family
5. that I am a good listener
6. my growing hunger for the Word
7. the development of my faith in the past 2 yrs. (even if I don't liek the circumstances that caused it)
8. the gift of writing I recently discovered
9. that I am loyal to my friends
10. my laugh and that it is uniquely contagious (my husband calls it my snort/squeak)

and here is where i had to force myself to really dig deeper...

1. my love of learning
2. compassion for others placed in my heart by God
3. the determination/grit i found to press on into healing
4. the kernel of hope God planted in me to see the fulfillment of His promises
5. that I am strong (made so because of my past)
6. that I don't give up easily
7. that I am a survivor
8. that I am a good wife and mom
9. that God is teaching me more about intercessory prayer and the heart He is giving me for it and prayer in general
10. that I am a "good student" (I do the "homework" someone asks me to do) and that I am an OVER-ACHIEVER!!!

My counselor would be proud, because at the end of November (only 8 months ago) I could hardly come up with 3 things I liked about myself.

This took me ever since I first saw your other post, and I have been mulling these over since then... and working on them until I coudl finally get them out on paper.

God bless,