Thursday, July 24, 2008

Change Can Be Good

Whether it's something that happened as long ago as your early childhood or as recently as yesterday, the past can keep you from moving into all God has for you. That's why He wants to set you free from it. And not only that, He wants to redeem and restore what has been lost or destroyed in your past and make it count for something important in your life.

Oh, how I can relate to the above!!!!!!!!!! For what seems like forever, my past did keep me from moving into all God had for me. My past plagued me, scared me, disgraced me and I was just used to calling myself unworthy. How could He use me? Oh how, that is the farthest thing EVER from what God would want for me to think!!!!

I got used to that kind of "stinkin' thinkin'" though. Pit dwelling became my hobby. Pit stops lasted more than a minute. I stayed there too long without refueling. It was natural for me. It felt like home.

Redeem me? Can God do that? Restore me? Can God do that? Make my life count for something? Can God do that? I'm so glad the answer to all these questions is a big fat "YES!"

Sometimes in order to move forward, a change is required. After all, when you've become used to being down in the dumps, it's just 2nd nature, so change is definitely necessary. And change can motivate and invigorate. It can even be exciting.

If your past is holding you back, decide to make a change. Set some goals. Do something good for yourself. Sometimes little joys bring big rewards. This week, I have been so encouraged by hearing from women who are setting goals and making changes to improve their lives. They aren't going to sit around and just take it anymore. They are moving to action. Ladies, I applaud you. You have my utmost respect. It's just beautiful:)

Just because you decide to do something good for you doesn't mean your life circumstances will change. They probably won't. At least not right away. Maybe never. But your heart can change big time.

Ask God where He wants to move you, then go there! Do you realize that God believes in you? He's your #1 fan. Don't settle, go for positive change.

Redeem me. God can do that. Restore me. God can do that. Make my life count for something. God can do that.

Are you stuck in a pit? You don't have to stay there. The climb out may be tough, but we can do it. Change can be good.

So, here's to change!

Health, Hope, and Happy Blessings,



Chef Diane said...


I am so excited to read this tonight. Because I did just what you said today. I took steps to change some things. I am launching a new blog
It is exciting because I made the faithful step. I also went to the pool today and worked out for 45 minutes.
Being on WW I would not recommend the recipe I created but it is great to savor the picture.

Joyful said...

Great sharing again tonight Melissa. It's so true - we can get sooooo comfortable in our 'pit'. Instead of just 'visiting' I have often taken up residence and then it's SOOO hard to take that step out. The familiar can hold us captive, even when we know we should be packing our bags and getting out of there. The dark can provide a false sense of security. Your encouragement here is great!!!!

When leaving the pit sometimes we need to set really attainable goals so that we don't seem overwhelmed immediately if we can't meet them in a short period of time and fall back in despair and failure.

Blessings to you too!

Ilene said...

How do I become part of this with
you? I have so much to share but I am a lot older than most of you.
My kids are raised and gone and I
have 11 grandchildren so I don't know if I will fit in?.

Melissa said...

To Ilene, I wish I knew how to get in touch with you. I hope you read this. YOUR AGE DOESN'T MATTER!!!!! I don't care if you are 12 or 92, there are no age restrictions here and the whole point to this particular blog is to say "yes, beautiful one, you do fit in"! So, I really hope you'll come back! I'd love to get to know you and so would other bloggers. Don't listen to those lies that tell you any different. Ok?


And Joy, I must confess, I'm so jealous of your writing! It's so eloquent and inviting. I always feel like mine is so juvenile!

:) Happy Friday,

Jen said...

Thank you so much for posting this!!! I have been just sitting in my "pit" being very comfortable in it. I am starting to try and change things... obviously change is hard... Melissa I love your writing...... I feel like I am honestly not that smart and so a lot of times I will read something and I won't understand it... with your blog I understand and am trying to take baby steps into the right direction!!! If you could stop by my blog and read it I updated it today!! Thanks Melissa! love ya!!

Anonymous said...

This is so strange...I just started the book "Get Out Of the Pit" by Beth Moore. This is just one more nudge that the Lord wants me to get through my thick head- lol. Read Psalm 40- He doesn't want us to stay there...he lifts us out if we let him.

Thanks again Melissa for the great devotions.


Alichia said...

I still struggle with writing my feelings but, God is working...

Deb said...

I just love reading your blog. You are so open with your readers. I almost always able to take something from what you wrote and learn from it.

Have a blessed weekend!