Sunday, July 13, 2008

Come Monday

Tomorrow is Monday. A new week. A fresh start. Hope for a new beginning.

On Monday, I start Weight Watchers with my co-worker and good friend, Samantha. I am the queen of weight loss programs, I know WW is healthy. I am leaving my comfort zone of LA Weight Loss, which is also healthy and I did lose weight there, and starting something new. I would rather do a plan with someone I'm with every day than to continue on my own. Plus, I'm ready for something new. I'm good at following a program and losing weight. In fact, I've probably lost 1000 pounds in my life time. If I'd just quit gaining it back!

Now I know that the root of my problem is NOT food. It's deeper than that. I've been through counseling this year. I've prayed. I've examined my life and asked the Lord to examine my life. My problem is that I abandon ship when the going gets tough. I don't deserve true happiness and health, I'm not good enough. (I realize that's not true....) I will not bail on life anymore. I deserve happiness. I am good enough. I am a princess....a daughter of the King!

So, again, I'm here, to break the cycle. I have hope that this time, I'll lose weight, gain good health, and keep it off this time. I have to believe that. I have faith. I'm confident. And I am beautiful:)

Come Monday, it will be, Good Night.

Beautiful Blessings,


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lachey said...

You can do it. Tomorrow I start back to Curves. I actually joined June 1 and have only been there once since. But I am determined. I look forward to hear of your progress!


April said...

Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your feelings. I can really relate to this, as I have so many of the same issues. If I mess up, many times I just give up, and then I try to get on again, and the roller coaster ride starts over. When I went to bed last night, it was with thoughts of a new start today. Thank you for your inspiration this morning to keep trying and working towards a healthier me.

April :0)

Marilyn said...

I can so relate to these issues....not only the weight gain/weight loss/weight gain....but also the feelings of unworthiness and failure. It's great to know that God specializes in 'new beginnings' though! I have some things that I need to begin anew also.
It's real encouraging to read your posts. You are honest with us and that in turn encourages us to be honest with ourselves!

Hope you do well with the WW program this week.

God bless you!

Marilyn in MS

Joyful said...

Sweet Melissa...I just love you! Thanks for sharing your struggles so openly. Being disciplined is hard. I think it's so difficult because for some reason we feel we have to do it on our own. I think of the verse that says, "Unless the Lord build the house, the labourers labour in vain." I think that's true of so many things. Anything we try to do on our own comes up short.

So glad you have Samantha to be your buddy on this new adventure. I'm already excited to hear your reports. You can do this girl!! With God NOTHING is impossible. Remember, that along with Samantha, the Lord is with you and a chord of three strands is not easily broken!

Love, hugs and prayers,

Diane said...

I feel for you and am hugging you in my heart. I am sending you an email about something you said. It is great that you have a buddy right there every day to look you in the eye. I did WW last fall and lost 16 pounds. The website and message boards helped me stay on course. I remember for two weeks I didn't lose I actually gained. I left in tears. Then I got on line and a very bold women said "what are you going to do now, get fat"? It really hit me that I needed to do it for me.
Love you sweet sister,

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I need to put you on my bloglines because every time I've come by here, I've been blessed. Your P31 devo today was wonderful.

Congrats on your new WW start! :) I just started Jazzercise last week, hoping to get my rear in gear. :)