Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You Aready Are Beautiful

March 5, 2008
Today's post is a letter written to you from God. It is taken from the book, His Princess, Love Letters From Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd.

Our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace. Psalm 144:12

My princess...You Are My True Beauty,

Your real beauty is a work of art---hand-
carved by Me. I have
given you beautiful lips to speak words of life,
beautiful eyes to see Me in
everything, beautiful hands to help those in
need, and a beautiful face to
reflect My love to the world. I know you
don't see yourself the way I do
because you compare yourself to beauty idols
that will soon be forgotten.
I will work wonders that will radiate
true beauty from within. And when My
work is completed, your character
will show off My craftmanship, and your beauty
marks will be remembered by
all that were loved by

Your radiant

For today, try to see yourself through the eyes of the Lord. You are beautiful sweet princess! Don't ever forget it!

Beautifully Blessed,


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1 comment:

Joyful said...

Ooohh...my character will show His craftsmanship..that's my heart desire! Wondering what "beauty marks" He's developing today.
Adjusting my tiara,