Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My "Real Age"

Ok, so I took a blogging break. I just couldn't bring myself to sit at the computer. Easter was crazy busy (but great) and then the kids were out of school the next 2 days. I also had 2 doctor's appointments.

Speaking of doctor's appointments, I FINALLY got to get my WHOLE body wet! Yeah! A shower never felt so good! My foot feels great, which is why the doctor told me to be careful. I feel like I can do more than is actually good for me. I'm still in the horrible big shoe and now I have a spacer between my big toe and the next. I have to wear a foot splint at night. (you cared to know all that, right?)

On my quest for total health (not just weight loss), I visited the website You've probably heard of it, many books sold, on Oprah often, well respected doctors. I liked the site a lot. So I took the survey. I'm 41 years old according to my birthdate. I'm 48 years old according to my Real age! Wake up call! This is unacceptable. God gave me a perfectly well functioning body, capable of doing many things and working properly. I have got to treat it better! If I had taken this test a year ago, I bet I would've been my age or younger. A lot of healthy habits have slipped and a lot of stress entered my life. I gained 20 pounds. I went back to work. There have been a lot of changes. (yea, yea, whatever...quit making excuses Melissa and make the necessary changes to get your health back!)

OK, I will.

Seriously, it is my goal to be 38 by the end of June. :)

In my next post I'll get a little more specific about what my individual report said and the changes I can easily make.

Do you know your Real Age? If so, let me know (if you are so inclined to share).

No matter what your chronological, Real, or whatever age, you are beautiful and so am I.....yada yada yada! (just kidding on the yada part)

Blessed to be in a silly mood today (can you tell?)



Joyful said...

Oh're going to be 38 by June??!?!?!?! And all this fear must be aging me...NOT FAIR!!!
I'll take the test and be back to report.

So glad your foot is healing.
Praying for you,
Love your "spitfireness" (hey, where have I heard THAT before??)

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa,
I am 38.5 and will be 39 on Saturday! So, I am doing better then I feel.Which I feel 100 some days as I am always tired!
So glad your foot is feeling better!

Marilyn said...

Ewwwwwwwww! I am almost 10 years older on my "Real Age" test than I am in real life! (And notice I did not give either age! ha That's because I think I am the oldest one here!) I think it is from all my "Zero" answers when answering the page about exercise! ha Am hoping to gradually get back into walking after a recent bout with plantar fascitis in my right foot.
Thanks for the wake up call Melissa. I need to get with the program and shed some of those "years"!
God bless....

Joyful said...

OK....true confession. I told you I'd be back...(of course at that point I hadn't actually TAKEN the test...)OK...actual age...45...REAL AGE, according to test, bad..and my birthday is in August, so not that far off. I've actually always had fun having people guess my age, because they always guess years younger!!! Gotta love that!!!

dapple said...

Ok girls I just took the test and by age I am actually 44. It showed me being 51 1/2. With everything my body has been through and dealing with chronic pain, that isn't too bad. I thought it was going to say something like 60. Tee Hee. Isn't it nice it doesn't go by the age we feel.
Ok now let's all go work out.

Deb said...

Thanks Melissa for your honest comments. I went to find my Real Age. I actually lucked out. I am really 45 but my real age was 39. This has made my day, but I know there are things I could do to improve my health still. Just remember everyone that we are all beautiful because we are God's creation. Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the web site.I am 39 and the test said i am 40. I will be 40 in July so I am pretty close. My goal by my birthday is to be 35 years old. I now know the area I need to work on.
thank you,

Anonymous said...

I am 41 years old chronologically and was 40.6 in real age until I marked that I've had a kidney transplant (I also got a new pancreas) and take anti-rejection medications. Then it bumped me up to 55! The website is a great motivation for getting healthier but I'll take my blessing from God over the extra 14 years any day!

Margaret C

Danelle said...

Thanks for this link! I knew my real age would probably be older than I am - and I was right. I'm 36 - my real age is 41. Although sadly, I feel like I'm 46. I have some physical issues that contribute to that, but like Marilyn, I'm sure the lack of exercise is a huge factor, as well - so this was good motivation to get moving!

Michelle Bingham said...

Hey Melissa!

I nominated you for an award. Come and visit my blog for the details.


misty akridge said...

hey melissa
i am new to your site and i totally love it. You are helping women to see themselves truly and that is an amazing gift. I have been in ministry my whole life and the biggest plague on american women, from what i have seen is that mean "insecurity" word. We allow the enemy to convince us we are worthless ,well my friend it is time someone took a stand. and i applaud your willingness to do so.
i took the real age test because of your challenge and my calendar age is 33 my real age is 31 so not to bad. it definitely told me some improvements i could make. hey again thanks!