Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We Are Beautiful

Short but sweet. I am Beautiful. You are Beautiful. We are Beautiful. It's late and I still don't have a post up yet. So sorry. I'm watching American Idol right now with my family. So, if you feel so inclined and want another entry into the contest, please post. I will share a few joys with you: Hayden is doing great. I won Amy's blog contest on hope:) And another friend of mine named Amy is helping me get Duran Duran tickets. And my foot is feeling better. Can't complain.

Also, you may have seen already in the side bar, but I went back to LA Weight Loss today. My plan is relatively the same except I am going to weigh in 3 times a week. The 20 pounds I've gained since October I feel sure will be gone in the next 10 weeks. Let's go!

Repeat after me: "I am beautiful"......oh yes you are:)




dapple said...

American Idol Rocks:
I am so glad to hear about Hayden and your foot. Big praises. I am beautiful because in my reflections I see myself through with the love the Father sees.

Joyful said...

Our family was watching American Idol too! (We like it better than Canadian Idol...sshhh...)

Glad you're doing so much better and thrilled to hear the praise report on Hayden.

Thanks for your message on my blog. You're so sweet. Your kind words are such an encouragement to me. I actually phoned P31 today concerning an order that didn't charge me enough...had to leave a message for Teri. Was thinking of you when I called. I think I've heard you say that you often answer the phone. Would have been so wonderful to talk to you.

Hope you have a great day! Oh...and for the record...you are beautiful!
Love & prayers,

Michelle Bingham said...

Glad to hear good news Melissa! I want to thank you for being real. You are a beautiful woman on the outside and the more I read from you I am seeing how beautiful you are on the inside!!!!


Melissa said...

Hi there. Your posts so cheered me up this morning:) Thank you for your encouragement.

Let's make it a great day!


Digging for Pearls said...

Let me know how the weight loss is going. I need to work on that too! :)