Friday, August 29, 2008

Fun Friday :) and LPB part 2

Just FYI, LPB stands for Little Pink Book. (see yesterday's post)

Don't you just love how our society, especially younger ones who can text faster than they can speak have come up with all these abbreviations for words and phrases? I remember when I was younger, I'd write LYLAS when I signed a note that I'd written to a friend. (Love You Like A Sister). Now there are hundreds of these cute little acronyms (I think that's what they are, right?). BFF, IDK, G2G, LY, LOL, CULTR, NP, THX....and MM (many more).

Yesterday I began a blog series on Girlfriends that I'm going to continue for a little while. After all, it is our BGF's that so often remind us that we are beautiful!

Here is an acronym using the word GIRLFRIEND that can help grow your friendships and keep them meaningful. It is from the book, Every Teen Girl's Little Pink Book on Girlfriends by Cathy Bartel. As I said yesterday, it may be for teens, but I have found it appropriate for girlfriends of all ages. Probably because we haven't grown up as much as we think we have!

Gift---Your friends are a gift from God, so treat them that way.

Inspire---Inspire each other to do big things.

Rally---Rally around each other. You need to comfort your friends when they are hurting and be happy for them when they have something to celebrate.

Listen---When your friend talks, listen to what she's saying. This is the easiest and most important part fo being a good friend.

Fun---This is the best part of having friends!

Real---Keep it real! Don't be fake. True friends will see right through it.

Include---Expand your group of friends, and get to know others because they can influence your life, too.

Eternal---Make sure you and your friends spend eternity together by sharing the gift of Jesus with them.

Nice---Show kindness and forgiveness to your friends, even if you don't feel like they deserve it sometimes.

Dream---Dream together. Dream about your future and what you want to accomplish in life.

I'm giving 3 of these LPB's away, so if you'd like one, just leave me a comment before next Friday (Sept. 5th).

Have a terrific weekend!



Deb said...

Hi Melissa,
I really enjoyed reading your posts on friendship. I have many casual friends, but I only have one close, close, friend. I hope everything is going well for you and I hope your back is feeling better. Take care.


Joyful said...

Hey Melissa, your post stretched my brain this afternoon, but I'm thrilled to report I figured out all your 'shorthand'. Did you know that there is an On-Line Text Messaging Dictionary for all those little sayings? I found examples of entire messages written in this code. As for whether or not they are actually acronyms - here's some info free of charge. Did you know there are actually three types of short-form text messaging? Acronyms, Abbreviations and Initialisms. I'm sure your examples fall into one of those categories!

The "acrostic" you shared for "Girlfriend" is great!!!


Patti VZ said...

Hi Melissa...

Thank you for the reminder of girlfriends. We need to remember God's gift of love through friends who love us unconditionally - reminding us of HIS love for us on an even deeper level than we can imagine or understand.

You do good work - keep it up!

Chef Diane said...


Girlfriends are one of the neatest things God has blessed us with. I went this weekend to visit a friend up in the mountains. I took the pastor's wife with me. the friend we were visiting has four children and really needed some "mom" time. Yesterday we had so much fun. We started out at the nail salon to give our pretty little hands and feet some love. Then it was on to Mexican for lunch. Yummee! Next it was time for the dollar movie "Kung Fu Panda". Starbucks and Cold Stone topped it off. We were ready to call it a day. Back to the house and into our jammies and late night talking and laughing. Today we got up and went to church and a cookout. Before we left we played a game and laughed so hard.
It was so nice to be a blessing and laugh til it hurt.
I am getting ready again for another surgery and am going to have a ladies night out the night before.
Ladies, if you haven't gotten together with your friends, do it. They need you as much as they need you. Thanks Melissa for helping us stay in touch with each other.

Bobbey said...


I've been so enjoying your posts. The reminders that I'm beautiful to God keeps me encouraged. It doesn't seem to matter to me that my dear husband (DH), tells me that. But when I hear you put it in perspective it changes things in my mind.

I tend to draw into myself when I'm not feeling beautiful and lovable so these posts on girlfriends have been real eye openers for me.

I'm going to refer back to your acronym as much as I can this week as I have planned my very first girls' only weekend away from my hubby and kids for this weekend. Thank you so much for the work you do.

I love your blog.

Stephanie said...

Hi Melissa,
I just love the past couple of blogs that you have posted about girlfriends! Growing up I never really had many close friends and in the past few years I have developed some key relationships with a handful of women that I cherish and love deeply. I often times wonder how I made it through some rough patches in my past without them and am so thankful that they are here now. I praise God everyday for placing these wonderful women in my path and hope that I am as effective to them as they are to me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
I shared your blogs on girlfriends with several individuals, one being a teenager. She said she realized that she did not have a friend like that. Sad! I shared them with my dear friend and she loved them! It really has helped to put friendship into perspective and realize how important they are to us.

Kent said...

Hey Melissa. I love your blog. It has really convicted me and inspired me in this area. I would love to have one of these books for my daughters. don't let my name confuse you. I am female--just with a very unfemale, different name!!

Kerri said...

Hi Melissa! I'm sharing the GIRLFRIEND definition with my girlfriends that I just got together with last month. We had the best girls' weekend ever.We've known each other for 30+ years (since jr high!) and I'm so thankful for them!