Thursday, August 7, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Heart

I was sharing with Samantha, my very good friend and co-worker, about the names we carry as our identity. Like I wrote about yesterday, in a post titled "I Am...", you know like, "I am a bad mom" or "I am ugly" or "I am depressed" etc etc. Well, she told me about a video clip on you tube. You may have seen this or something like it, but I thought it was extremely powerful. The quality isn't great, but it's simple and you cannot watch it without being moved. At least that's my opinion.

This video clip, to the tune of Total Eclipse of the Heart, shows that when our identity is in Christ and we give Him our burdens, labels, issues, etc, we are Free and Saved from this world. We may still live in this world, but we are New Creations.

Take a look: .

I pray you live today as a New Creation, free and saved.

Have a beautiful day!



Brittany said...

What a great video. I was almost at tears as 'Jesus' took her signs and gave her the 'saved' one. A beautiful picture that through Jesus, we aren't what we've done or are going through.

Digging for Pearls said...

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Smile! :)

Jen said...

Wow!!! That was awesome!!! Very moving!!! Praise the Lord we can be SAVED!!!! Thank you Lord!!

Joyful said...

POWERFUL video!!! As I watched the young girl run from "suicide" my heart broke. How I wish my dear friend who surrendered to that word 3 years ago had run to Christ instead.

This video reminded me of Renee's post on July 29th, "Cardboard Testimony". An equally powerful visual.

Thanking Him for all He's done for me,

Kathie Thomas said...

Thanks for sharing that. Great clip - it never ceases to amaze me how kids relate to the message of deliverance through Christ. I'm linking to your post via my "Friday Finds" at my blog.

Alicia said...

Hi Melissa! I absolutely love your blog. I found my way here from my P31 daily e-mail. I copied and pasted the video onto my blog and also part of your post from 7/31. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! What a wonderful way to show teens Jesus saves them even from the worst of sins!! Even as an adult it is an excellent reminder to me of the Love of Christ and salvation only comes through Him!!

Melissa thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your relationship with God!! You are truly an inspiration to me!! Blessings and Hugs!!