Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Pink Book Part 1

Because I work in the Proverbs 31 Ministries office each weekday, I have the blessing of resources all around me. The resource room at the office is one of my favorite places. You see, I love books. Especially books that encourage, teach, and remind me of who I really am ... God's sweet and beautiful girl! I found a new book last week. It's tiny, inexpensive, and even though it was written for teen girls, I found it full of fun girlfriend facts that I could apply to my relationships as well. It's called Every Teen Girl's Little Pink Book on Girlfriends by Cathy Bartel. Costing about $5.00, it's well worth the price.

Over the next few days, I'm going to share excerpts from this book. I know that it's often my closest girlfriends who take the time to remind me that I'm beautiful and valued. As you read these words on girlfriends ask yourself 2 questions: 1. Do I have a friend like that? 2. Am I a friend like that?

3 marks of a true friend

There is a big difference between an aquaintance and a true friend.
People you simply hang out with will come and go, but a true friend is someone
who will always be there for you. Recognizing the difference will help you
develop relationships that will last. Here are 3 traits of a true

1. Honesty.
A true friend will tell you the truth no matter what, even if it may
initially hurt your feelings. Having someone who will give you an honest
answer is priceless. (Proverbs 27:6)

2. Dependability.
The people who truly value their friendship with you will keep their
word. If you cannot count on someone, or if they cannot count on you, your
friendship will not last.

3. Respect.
Mutual respect is a large part of a good friendship. If someone is
not respected, their opinions and feelings will be discounted and
overlooked. Without respect, a friendship will simply not work.

Having a true blue (No Matter What) friend, can be rare. It seems like it should just be par for the course to have friends who are honest, dependable, and respectful. But being all of these things takes time and that seems to be what most people lack these days. If you have one friend with these 3 qualities, consider yourself blessed. Hey, how about contacting them today and letting them know. If you have a friend like this, thank God and say a prayer for that person. Then do something special for her to let her know how you feel.

On that note, let me take this time to thank you. Your words and notes to me encourage me more than you know.

I pray you are feeling beautiful today, because you are. Don't forget that you were wonderfully made and God is always there to be your friend ... No Matter What!

Love Ya!


****Hey I feel like giving away 3 Little Pink Books. Send me a note either by posting a comment or email and you'll be entered. In your response, share your feelings on friendships. The give away winners will be posted on Fun Friday, September 5th!


Anonymous said...

First, In regards to your last blog post:
Oh how I have grown to love your honesty and transparency on this blog. Somehow it takes away the guilt I tend to feel when I am having an "icky" week and just want to climb under a rock, see I tend to make myself believe that as a christian others should never see me weak or lacking in faith because I should be joyful and all of life grand! Then you know what happens?Yep, we become fake. I think you have almost given me "the go ahead to have my bad days too". Hope that made sense.
In regards to todays post: this has been a not so great week, on Monday my sweet dear friend had spoken with my daughter (who is her daughter roommate)and found out that I was not having a great day (I had spoken with her and didnt tell)she changed her plans immediately and drove 45 minutes just to have lunch with me.We took the time during lunch just to talk through things and pray lifting each other and our families up to our sweet Savior. It worked, this definitly brightened my day. I am trying to teach my 15 year old daughter the differences in friendships, which ones are more casual and which ones you truly know are sincere.
I hope this is on your teen blog too, I haven't looked at that one yet today.
Sorry so long here! Sweet Blessings,

Brittany said...

My favorite friendship right now is between my daughter and her 'best' friend. They are 3. They may see each other only once or twice a week. But they are always so excited to see each other. They don't judge each other. They have no expectations of each other. they are just glad to be together. If other little girls want to come play, sure! They are more than glad to share. If they don't like something, they just come out and say it. No silly games for them. These little girls set a really good example for us big girls. We really should be more like them

Robin RJR said...

Hi Melissa,
This is a blast from your days to be exact! I have to say that one of the greatest things about true blue friends are that even after years and years of separation, a true blue friendship with someone is always there, even when friends don't talk or see each other regularly! Your friendship in college brings sweet memories to me even after all these years. The funny thing is that once you have one of these awesome friends in your life, (like you sweet Melsa) it is really hard to find them again! I have struggled with this for a long time now, wondering if it was just the place or time of college,or if it was me that changed....but to be honest it has been very hard for me to find that honesty, dependability and respect in a good friend. I know in my heart that I haven't spent enough time and commitment to being that type of friend either. Anyway, I just wanted to know that you have blessed me with your P31 devotionals as well as your blog posts regularly. I just haven't had the chance to email you to let you know. Our oldest daughter, Alexa, our sweet cancer survivor, has had so many medical problems over the past few years that life has been a real struggle for our family. Time for many things that I have wanted to do has not been available. We have had frequent medical appointments, hospitalizations, etc. etc. Alexa is in ICU again and just got off a ventilator on Friday. No mother or family should have to experience this, but many, many do. The world of childhood cancer is extremely difficult. However, in all of this, I can still say that God is good, and that I trust in Him, even when I am scared and worried and full of doubts. I am hoping to have the chance to keep reading your blog so that someday soon I will feel beautiful too. Right now I feel weary, tired and a mess. Thank you sweet, friend, for making me smile and cry. You are a blessing and I love you, even after such a long time of actually seeing you and talking to you.

Have a wonderful day!

alichia said...

I had one of those really good friends in my teens. I think I'll call her today!
I think it's so hard as an adult to develop really good friendships. I desire that kind of friend again. I need to start doing my part to be a better friend.
Thanks for the post, great timing for me as I go back to work next week!

Jen said...


I love coming and reading your blogs! They always lift me up and sometimes they are really hard to hear/read at first I know it is what God wants me to listen to. You are truely a vessel!! Friendships can be so sticky at times... I thankfully have been blessed with many great Christian women! And most of them I think I will be friends with a long time!! They are honest, dependable, and trustworthy! They can obviously make me upset by saying something truthful but I of course need to hear it or they wouldn't have bothered to say it!! On Tuesday night my bible study had a party where we dressed up like in prom/bridesmaid dresses and had a little dinner party and all. The theme of the night was celebrating our beauty. I def. did not feel beautiful, but they all said that I looked beautiful...

Thanks again for taking the time to post this valuable lesson!!! Love you and thank you for being real!!! God bless you!!!


Is all we have to do to be entered in the book drawing/giveaway thing is comment??

Anonymous said...

I have one best friend. I met her..5 years ago. She is a true blessing in my life, and always ready to give me a hug and wipe my tears away. She knows she can come to me too and I will do the same.
I recently had surgery, and she took two days off of work just for me to be there with me at the hospital and for the day after the surgery. I love her to pieces. I find it hard when she goes away on vacation, and we tell each other, I'm going thru withdrawls when we are not spending time with each other. I thank the Lord everyday for bringing her into my life.
thank you
PS: i can't remember mypassword here so i have to sign annyonmous

Chef Diane said...


Oh how I have missed being with my bloggy friends. The thing I love about my "go to gals", "my gal pals", is that I can be myself warts and all. They can be themselves with me as well. There is something to be said about girlfriends and chocolate. I thank God for my girlfriends.

Cheryl said...

I am commenting for the first time today. Your blog note about friendships really caught my attention. Growing up I had very few friends. Most of the time none to speak of. I wanted friends so badly that I would try to be whatever people wanted me to be just to get one.That didn't work in my favor. In highschool I felt drawn to this one girl so i began pursuing a friendship. We did become friends but it was always one sided, but I was so determined to have her as my friend that that didn't matter. I kept pursuing the friendship as the years went by and now thirty plus years later God is revealing the truth about this so called friendship. I have never been a priority to her, I just didn't want to admit it before. I was always giving excuses for her to my husband and family. But God is finnally getting through to me and I am being set free from the compulsion to maintain this friendship. I so agree with the authors three marks of a true friend. God has brought some wonderful Christian women into my life and they truly are my friends. I am very thankful for them and for the friendship that God is helping me build with Him. I would always rush to the phone to call my highschool friend when something troubling came up. Now I rush to God and let Him be my friend. God has blessed me with deep friendships here on earth and is showing me the true meaning of friendship. Thankyou for your ministry Melissa. May God bless you richly. Cheryl

Joyful said...

Hi Melissa,

I've looked at those "Little Pink Books" before. I think there are 5 in the series, and there's also "Little Black Books" for guys.

The Lord has blessed me with some special friends. I have a girlfriend that I have known for almost 35 years and she is the one I go to whenever I really want to hear the truth! Back in Grade 7 her honesty was sometimes hard to take, but as the years have passed I've grown to love that she 'calls a spade a spade'. When I receive a compliment from her, I know it's sincere. When I receive correction, I know it's done in love.

I have to say I often find that "dependability" is one of the hardest traits to find in a friend. I don't think it's because they purposefully want to break their word, but they just don't realize the disappointment it causes or the effect it will have on others.

My Mom used to always quote, "To have a friend, you must be a friend". I pray the Lord will help me be a "No Matter What" friend to those He brings into my life.

I have to say that Jesus is my Best Friend. He is the only one in my life with all the qualities of a No Matter What Friend.

Hugs to you tonight friend,

Patti VZ said...

What a blessing those friends are! THANK YOU, Melissa, for the wonderful reminders of our friends and God's love for us too!

Amy, Jonesborough TN said...

Hey! Thanks for the reminder about true blue friends. I do have one of those in my life and do consider myself truly blessed. I came upon your blog through receiving the proverbs 31 daily devotions which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I normally just "lurk" and don't post but after the mention of the book give away I had to post today. :) Thanks for the reminder about friends and thanks for being a friend to us.

Tameka said...

I am truly blessed to have 2 such friends. We've stuck together for over 20 years now!! They have been a true asset to my life!!! Thanks fo sharing.

robin_titan said...

aww i love friendships!!! it is unfortunate that some do not last forever : ( but some do!!! and that is always great i have three best friends who i talk to constantly almost everyday i keep in touch with them through emails, texts, or by talking to them on the phone, also by seeing them most days : ) friendships are amazing and i'm glad that us humans are able to have them with one another it just makes life are the more amazing and full of happiness : )

lc_intocable at yahoo dot com

Denise said...

Hey Melsa, How awesome to hear your truths as well as other's hearts! I am in prayer right now for these women as well as you, as you continue to bless others with your writing! To Robin, hey sister, hang tough and hold on, God is close as you know but we want to be also! I love you and Chris and will pray for protection over you two! Thanks to Greg Jones, we are in the loop and in the prayer chain! Sounds like, you need a Girl's weekend or quick get-a-way.... is that possible? If not, we can come to you, in prayer, in person , and in writing! Friendships are to lift up and hug you when you need it most! Press on my friends, PRESS ON! Denise

Connie said...

Hi Melissa,
Thank you for your blog about friendships (TRUE friendships). I am truly blessed with a couple of friendships like that, and you are right, we are TRULY blessed if we have ONE! My BFF now lives about 400 miles away and I miss her very much, but TGFCP (thank God for cell phones, haha), I get to talk with her pretty often -- what a blessing! She is truly an angel to me -- I will probably get her the Little Pink Book for Christmas!
Your words and thoughts are awesome!