Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God is the best!

Yes, He is! And if we ever forget that, well we need serious brain surgery!!!!

I get scared easily. I lose my confidence with a quick negative remark about me. I can feel inadequate, unworthy, or unqualified real quick. It doesn't take much. But God is so good. He is the best.

He has shown me that all He requires is that I just be me. He made me. He created me. And He needed me here on this Earth. If He didn't need me, He wouldn't have bothered with making me in the first place.

I was so nervous about writing an article for the P31 Woman Magazine on depression and anxiety. I was worried about what people would think of me. Would they consider me qualified to be in ministry after admitting my struggles? Me qualified? Maybe not! God equipping me? Definitely so!

God has been so good to me, just the best. I have received countless emails about my article. I have received letters from women who suffer from depression and people who walk along side of those suffering from depression. Many with a similar story, they felt like failures and wanted to keep hidden the shame of their disease. My heart rejoices that Jesus sets us free!

God has never made a mistake. That means you are here for a reason and God has plans for your life! Now, that's beautiful!

I love you. I really do. And I pray that you are seeking the Lord with all your heart and asking Him what His plans are for you. You are an amazing child of God. Be blessed sweet sista!




Joyful said...

Well, I'm glad I read your blogs in this order today! Melissa, listen to what you wrote here: "He has shown me that all He requires is that I just be me."

That's it my friend - just be you! Don't worry if your reactions right now don't fit what you believe is the 'norm' - just be you!!!

Still haven't received my P31 magazine - AGGGG! Good things come to those who wait :o)

You are SOOOOOO precious. I am so glad that God created you just the way you are - love ya! Do you remember that old song with lyrics that said, "I wouldn't want to change you, or even rearrange you, not by far. I love you just the way you are."


Jen said...


Oh my gosh I loved loved loved your article in P31 this month!!! My friend gets the P31 magazine and she lets me read it and I had told her that I really wanted to read it b/c I knew your article was going to be in there!!! Really awesome!!! You rock!!! And you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! bueatiful beautiful beautiful and I truelly mean this too!!!

Alicia said...

I'd really like to read your article. I have had some struggles with depression in the past, so I'm sure whatever you wrote would be a blessing to read. YOU, my dear, are a blessing (like joyful said above) JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

Marebear said... do we get the magazine???