Thursday, April 23, 2009

High School Reunion

I have a High School Reunion to attend this weekend. It's a multiple class reunion, '82, '83, '84, '85, and '86. Jeff is the class of '84. I am the class of '85. East Mecklenburg High School, Charloote, NC. Jeff is in charge of the event. He initiated it, planned it (with help from a committee), and has worked overtime in making it happen. Obviously with Jeff being in charge and the fact that he's my husband, I've known when the reunion would take place for months and months.

So, the plan was that the reunion would motivate me to lose weight and look decent by reunion time. Hmmmm, hope I have a plan B.

Actually I do. I didn't lose weight. But I lost something better. I lost my lack of self confidence. I lost my lack of valuing appearance over my identity. I lost my lack of comparing my looks to someone elses. Isn't that beautiful?

I am so excited for this reunion. I loved high school and can't wait to see old friends this weekend. Plus this is an awesome get away for me and Jeff. We are staying at a swanky hotel in uptown Charlotte all weekend.

I know that reunions are often stressful for some. The great thing about this reunion is I've finally learned that people will not see me as gaining or losing weight, or attractive or not. They will see my heart. I'm kind, friendly, I love Jesus, and I'm fun. And ......

I am Beautiful.

And just between us, I can't wait to dance to 80's music!




Joyful said... ARE beautiful...inside and out!!!!

Praying, praying about all the details of this reunion and the unexpected changes that have come.

Love ya,

Angie said...

You are just reaffirming to yourself what we already knew and love about you!

Have a great time this weekend and relax. You deserve it.


Chef Diane said...

Yes, you are beautiful! Don't tell anyone but I love that 80's music too. I was sure a nerdy jock in high school. So do me a favor dance to Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".
Enjoy it,