Friday, April 3, 2009

Here I Go Again...

Yes again, here I go. I'm reading yet another book on weight loss and health. This time, I've chosen "YOU on a Diet" by Drs Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz.

If you know anything about me at all, you know I've tried every diet around. Weight Watchers, Atkins, LA Weightloss, Calorie counting, Fat gram counting, NutriSystem, South Beach, Fasting, Skipping Meals, Dexatrim, Self Magazine Diet, etc etc etc....I know there are more I'm just not thinking of. All of my adult life, I've been on one diet after another. Various exercise programs as well.

I've talked with friends about diets. We've prayed about them. We talk at work about them. We talk at home about them. The great thing is...they work! Yes, I've lost weight on all of these diets. The bad thing is...I've gained weight back after these diets. I know it is my life style that needs to change. I know what it takes. And I know that I have failed many times over resulting in negative feelings about myself. And each time I gain the weight back, I just beat myself up worse each time. This last time especially. Let me tell you about it.

I went to LA Weightloss 2 and 1/2 years ago. I lost 20 pounds, going from a Size 12 to a Size 8. It was a great program, very realistic, real food, and reasonable maintenance program. They even hung a before and after picture of me in the lobby. I swore I would never look my "after" picture again ever. Life happened and I fell. Today I would love to look like my "after" picture. I am 10 pounds above it now. How did this happen? What was I thinking? Life got real hard, it really did. But why did I turn to food? Was I punishing myself? Was I not thinking? I know better. I love the Lord. Yes, yes, that's all true, but I'm also human. And it's ok. Don't give up. Never give up. Hope is powerful and I have it.

So, I bought a new book. This time, not one with a specific plan, but filled with knowledge about what I'm doing to my body and how I need to treat it for good health. According to the authors, this book was written for people like me....glad to know there are others who have my same patterns! I'm not alone.

I'm spending this weekend reading and educating myself. Getting the plan and pantry in order so I'm ready on Sunday for the week. I'm taking the doctors' advice on food and exercise. And I'm set on focusing less on me and more on my health. Not weighing on the scales but measuring my waist. Not running marathons, but walking 30 minutes everyday, no matter what.

Will this be "it" for me? Idk. But I'm going to try. Jesus wants me to try. He says with God everything is possible and I'm believing that. I haven't been feeling well. I'm very tired. I'm stressed. I know my eating patterns have a lot to do with that. And my face is breaking out worse than a teenager. What I'm eating could be contributing to that too.

Both of my parents are in poor health. I don't want to go down the same path if I can do anything to help it. I quit smoking in my early 20's because it was bad for my health. Yet I'm 42 and still eating junk. Doesn't make sense.

I'd cherish your prayers. I'd cherish a partner as I begin my new journey too. If you are interested in joining me, let me know. Either way, I'll be writing about "ME on a Diet" and what I learn along the way.

Healthy Living Hugs,



Joyful said...

Cheering you on my sweet friend!!! You can do this!!!! Wish I lived closer - would love to be your walking buddy!!!

Proud of you Melissa!
Hugs & love,

Angie said...

Shake your bon bon, shake your bon bon and I don't mean the ones you cuddle up on the couch with!!LOL
You've done it before, you can do it again!
I will definitely pray for you.
I'll go ahead and high five you now over the loss of your first 5 lbs.
Get some peppermint candy or chew gum. I've read it supresses your appetite.

Take care, don't give up :-)
Love, Angie

pipedi said...

I just bought "Eating for Life" by Bill Phillips, so while that's what I'm going to be trying, I will definitely be praying for all of us on this journey.

Thanks so much for your transparency. You truly are beautiful!!!


Chef Diane said...


I will walk with you! This week I finally got back to the pool. I did a small workout, but my body felt it the next day. Right now I am going to stick with. If I promise myself to do more and fail I will get discouraged. So I am not setting myself up to fail.
Back in the fall I had my chol.levels checked. OMG! they were scary and I needed to do something about them. I had them checked a couple of weeks ago and they are very normal.
I have totally cut all fried foods from my diet.

You have a lot on you right now. But no one is going to look out for you but you! Ok, I love you and will help in any way I can. Pick my brain as a chef, ok.

Angie said...

I am listening to Shelley with "A Woman Inspired" conference. If you can get the transcript to this, it is good. Her topic is Beauty and Balance-The Body-Mind-Spirit Approach.
I thought about your post here when you talked about your face breaking out. Here is something she suggested....1 Tbl. yogurt, 1 Tbl. honey. Mix and use as a mask for 15 minutes.