Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beautiful Women and Beautiful Girls

I had the blessing of traveling to Kinston, NC this weekend. I went because God brought me there. I had two events that I was speaking at. I went there with the intent on bringing Good News and hope. God is so good, and I left Kinston feeling like I had received Good News and hope.

For almost a month, I have been dealing with the news that my mom could be dying. I have days when I'm fine. And I know that only God knows the number of our days. My mom could be around for years to come. Some days I just enjoy the blessings and make the most of them. Then other days, I am down. I cry. I can't imagine living without my mom. But then I went to Kinston.

I met so many sweet, beautiful, and amazing women and girls. And as I shared how Jesus is the answer to life's problems, I began to feel it myself. I was filled with thanksgiving.

Thanks that:

My mom has been here for me for ALL of my 41 years of life.

I have never been hungry.

I have never been abandonded.

My husband loves me.

My roof has never leaked.

My parents have never been in jail.

I was able to go to college.

Someone believed in me.

When I needed help, I asked for it and received it.

I found Jesus and learned to trust Him.

I believe that I'm beautiful.
Also, that I got to travel with an amazing woman of God and my friend, Lynn Cowell. We had over 11 hours in a car together and roomed together and she was my partner in ministry this weekend. Thank you God! Having her with me was a great blessing!!!!!!!!

Friday night, I met some great women from Greenville, NC. They were so very friendly and inviting. They were the women of Grace Church. They showed up on a very rainy Friday night. We talked about God, marriage, children, home, finances, friends, and community service. It was such a blessing getting to know them and awesome to share and swap stories.

Saturday, Lynn and I both had the opportunity to meet and minister to almost 70 teenage girls. These girls came from backgrounds that I truly can't relate to. We were speaking at The Gate community center in Kinston, NC. Wow! What an amazing facility devoted to God and transforming the next generation. Selfishly, I was very nervous. This was my first teen event. It was way out of my comfort zone. I chose to trust God though, and I choose to trust that He was in control and seeds were planted in these girl's lives. Lynn was amazing and right at home. I am so grateful to her for giving up her weekend to accompany me on this weekend. My ultimate prayer is that all of those we came in contact with realized that they are truly Beautiful. Beautiful women and Beautiful girls.

I have been absent from the blogging world lately. (see but I've had my reasons. And I'm hopeful to post a little more a little more often :) :) :)

Thanks be to God! You are beautiful. I am beautiful. And God made us all. He has a plan for our lives, He knows the number of our days, and I hope that we will make each one count!

It's late and I need to go.

Beautiful Blessings,



Joyful said...

Melissa, I'm glad your weekend went so well. Lynn had told me about it before you left, so I was praying for you both!

You are precious my friend. Praying today will be a wonderful day in His love,

Jen said...


I have been thinking about you everyday when I check to see if you have updated!! I am so glad that you have written something!!! Great to "see" you again!! I have missed your words of wisdom! and YES you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am glad your weekend went well!!! God is sooo awesome!!

Love ya,

Amy L Brooke said...

Wow. Sounds like a great weekend. I am so glad.

I am continuing to pray for you.