Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Y'all are the Sweetest!

How can I not feel beautiful when I have sweet bloggy friends who comment and email me to make sure that I feel and know that I am beautiful???? My friends are so awesome. Thank you so much. Half of the beauty I posess is due to those who are in my life.

Yesterday, I posted about how I was feeling better. And that I'd made a counseling appointment. Well, I didn't mean to alarm anyone. I'm fine. I've just learned when I'm feeling overwhelmed with life that I'm not one who can just sit it out. I get anxious, depressed, and unsettled inside. I've learned when I need a little more help than regular life offers me. So, yes, I'm going to a counselor. And I've had many questions about it. I'll try to answer them here.

Yes, she is a Christian counselor. I've seen both a Christian and a regular (didn't know what she was) counselor. I'm choosing to go to a Christian counselor. I feel like she knows what is most important to me in life and can offer guidance based on that. This particular one was also mine and Jeff's marriage counselor. She knows the most about the situations and issues I currently face and therefore she is the best choice for me at this time.

How did I find a counselor? I asked around. Jeff and I had friends who had seen this counselor and they liked her. Plus there is a huge sign outside of a big church near by advertising for this counseling center. If you want a counselor, don't be too embarrassed to ask around. Ask your church. Ask your friends. Google what you want. Pray. I think the comments from my last post were all very positive about obtaining counseling when needed. There is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, if you feel you need some extra guidance, it's one of the best investments you can make for yourself.

What made me finally decide to get counseling? I'm really embarrassed to tell you this part. Honestly, I should have gone years ago. I have so many past issues and memories that haunt me. But I thought I could get through life on my own. And with God of course. Me and God can do anything together, right? Well, while I won't dispute that, I will say, that sometimes we need someone else to point us to God and to help us discern exactly what is our godly response to life and what is not. I've responded both ways. Not proud to admit that. Someone actually took me to my first counselor. I was at a dead end and only falling deeper. I felt lost, hopeless, and crazy. Now, as a Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker and Writer, I did not want to admit that I needed help. I thought I had to maintain that "have it all together" image in order for God to use me and for people to think I was worthy. Let me tell you. That is a lie straight from the pit of you know where. Since I've been to counseling and sought the input from a psychiatrist, things are much better. I even wrote an article about it that will be published in the November issue of the P31 Woman magazine. The title of my article? Glad you asked. It's What Is Wrong With Me?

Well, that's enough for today. Thank you again for your concern and your friendship. All of us beautiful girls need to stick together!

Beautiful Blessings,



Joyful said...

I always love 'visiting' with you here. I love reading your open, honest heart.

I can't wait to read your article in the November P31 (I usually receive it about a month late here in Canada - not blaming P31 - it must be the postal service, but I'm just happy to see it whenever it arrives!)

Have a wonderful day!!!!
Love & hugs,

Stephenie said...

Thank you so much for being transparent about your struggles. It is such an encouragement to me as I deal with my own childhood issues. I'm glad you found a counselor you are comfortable with.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are doing better. I haven't had much time to read other's blogs, so I just got caught up.
I have had a tough couple of weeks, and had another session with my counselor yesterday. It was really hard... it always is when I am dealing with a hard issue, and I commit myself to really working through it.
Anyway, just wanted to applaud you for knowing when to make an appointment to have that outside, impartial observations and help that a good counselor can provide. It makes a huge difference to have someone point out things that you are thinking, doing that are based on lies... things that you might be aware of on some level, but it makes such a difference having someone talk them through with you!
Love you!

Brittany said...

I just wanted to tell you that you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being so candid and open.