Friday, November 13, 2009

Time for a Change

This will be my last post here. Why you ask? Because I have a beautiful new blog!!! If you've been visiting either of my blogs, or, I thank you for your comments, sharing of stories, encouragement, prayers, and friendship. I hope you'll continue to follow me at my new blog with a NEW ADDRESS. I'll be writing a lot more, hosting contests, give aways, encouraging you, and sharing other valuable information regularly. And every now and then I might just dish about one of my Proverbs 31 sisters!


Think you got it? Well what are you waiting for? Go visit my beautiful new blog NOW!!!

Big Hugs,



Joyful said...

Well....I was here for the first post and the last. Looking forward to the new direction the Lord is taking you in. This blog may be disappearing, but I'm not. LOL!!!

Blessings on your new endeavors!

bibitbayi blog said...

hy iam com from indonesia ? i like you blogg ? thanks

HaYhEyHeY said...

Hello, I have read a few of your blogs and I would like to say that they are very good. I will be reading your other blogs on your new blog. I hope you will read mine as well. If you are interested here is the website thing:

Thank you and good luck. =D

Soo Hai Mee said...

Just suddenly visit ur page. Looking at your pretty face. What a beautiful smile you have.
"keep on smiling..then!" May I know u further! And be one of my worldwide friend.