Friday, May 8, 2009

Hey Y'all

I just wrote the post for other blog that I have. I scheduled it to post at 5:30 Friday, May 8th in the morning. I have a devo running on the Proverbs 31 site and Crosswalk site on Friday. If you are interested in reading the devo, click here: . If you are interested in reading my response to the devo, click here: .

Honestly, I was caught off guard by the devo that was running on Friday, May 8th. I wrote it a while back when I was facing totally different situations. But I needed it now.

I referred to "The Great Physician"! I need to trust Him now more than ever. I need to trust Him with my mom, who is suffering from stage 4 lung cancer and soon undergoing surgery for a colorectal cancer. I need to trust Him with Dylan, my son who is suffering from sweaty palms and feet (sounds silly, but it is prohibiting him from doing much). I need to trust Him with Hayley Grace who has "walking pnemonia". I need to trust Him with Hayden who is undergoing spine fracture treatment. I need to learn to trust Him with my dad who has recently had his 3rd divorce and is going through treatment for diabetes, depression, and other ailments. I need to learn to trust Him with my sister who has Multiple Schlerosis. And I need to learn to trust Him with all things. The Great Physician is capable of healing and taking care of every one in our lives. Every one and every thing. There is no need to fear. Right?

What I learn over and over again is that God is truly in control. He loves us more than we could ever imagine. And we can trust Him to take care of it all. Ahhhhh, so I can relax, right?

On another note, this week has been so busy! Work has been crazy busy. The She Speaks Conference is filling up and we are getting so many calls into the office about it. I am speaking a lot this month. The kids have lots of activities going on. Life is just crazy! But God is faithful and awesome and has shown up every time I've needed Him! Love that!

This weekend I am heading to Greer, South Carolina (very close to my hometown of Greenville, SC). I'm speaking at a women's brunch. I would appreciate your prayers. I have family attending this event. That makes me nervous!!!!! Safe because they love me, but nervous because.....well, it just does! The theme is "Extreme Makeover: Heart Edition". Praying God's fingerprints all over it.

Sunday, I'm going to my mom's in Rock Hill, SC. After church I'm going to spend the day and night with my mother. There is no place I'd rather be on Mother's Day than with my own mother. So that's where I'll be. We have decided as a family that we would celebrate me as a mom for Mother's Day, next week.

I know this post was a series of thoughts. No real subject. But that's what you get with me today. Happy Mother's Day. Happy Weekend. No matter what you celebrate just remember that God loves you. He forgives you. He made you for a purpose. You are super duper important to Him. He made you for a reason. You are beautiful.

Love You All,



Brandee said...

Prayers for you Melissa this weekend. I know you will do a wonderful job and God's presence will be with you! Your post answered my question on facebook the other day about how you and your family is doing. I am so glad God placed you on my heart to be praying for you this week with all your are doing, facing and dealing with right now. Love to you and God's best, His peace and strength.


Joyful said...

Hey Melissa! WOW - you DO have alot going on. Didn't know about Hayley Grace or Dylan.

I loved your questions: "There is no need to fear. Right?" "I can relax, right?"

Ahhh...fearless and calm. Good in theory, not always in practice.

Just two days ago the Lord asked me this question: ""Is this the one who relies on the Lord?" Psalm 22:8.

I think often the Lord looks down on this little Much Afraid and asks, "Is this the one who 'says' she relies on Me?" He must shake His head at all my worries and anxieties, thinking, 'Child, if you would only place yourself in My hands and let Me carry you. You seem to have more faith in fretting than in letting go.'

I want to declare with David in Psalm 26:1, "I have trusted in the Lord without wavering."

(You can read the full post I wrote about my response here:

Praying for you and your family.
Love & hugs,