Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Change of Heart

Hey Beautiful Girls! How are ya? I can't believe it's the first post in 2009! I honestly thought I was retiring this blog. But I just couldn't do it.

I've been struggling with the whole weight, appearance, beauty thing for my whole life. I know what's true and then my fickle feelings step in. This blog honestly was helping me more than I think it could ever help anyone else. Since I haven't written in so long, I've realized how much I've missed it. I know I'm beautiful, but I need reminded of it too. I'm beautiful not because of what I weigh or how I look, but because I am filled with the love of Christ. I am a child of God. That makes me beautiful. God made me. He made you. We are beautiful.

Here we are, February 4, 2009. It snowed in Charlotte today. Not a lot, but enough to catch us off guard and the kids to stay home from school. I continue to strive for good health. And it's paying off. I feel good. I have more energy. I have a positive attitude. I am beautiful :)

I look forward to writing again. I haven't been writing at all. I was just kind of blank for a while.

It's time for bed now. The basketball game I was watching is over. The team I was pulling for lost.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams.



Joyful said... KNOW I have to comment on the snow... :o)

Sounds like this blog is almost a form of accountability for you. That's how I'm using my "other" blog this year and so far I've actually posted EVERY day and shared what the Lord has taught me during my time in His Word each morning. Some days nobody reads my words at all, but that's OK. That's not why I'm writing. Those days His Words seem even more precious because they are just between the Lord and I.

Glad to read you here again. I often need that reminder that "I am Beautiful" simply because I'm His!

Love & hugs,

Joy in The Truth said...

Welcome back! You are a refreshing pleasure for sure! :)

Don't you dare feel pressured to blog. Do it as He leads! :)

Many hugs...hoppin'-over-the-counter hugs to YOU!:)

Marebear said...

*dances around the room** Wahoooo! She's back!!! I miss your writings!
WB..and look forward to hearing from you.
Snow eh? we've had our share here out in BC! More than I like.
K, well cya around

Chef Diane said...

So glad that you haven't shut this down. It was so good to hear from you. I have really struggled with my weight this year. I like what Joy said about keeping accountable.