Friday, April 4, 2008

Be Delicous Reject User...Where Are You?

Ok, this isn't useful or beautiful to YOU!!!!!!

But for me....Who was the sweet person who offered me their bottle of "Be Delicious" by DKNY? It is my very favorite perfume. And more importantly, it is my husband's very favorite perfume. I mean it really turns him on:)

Some sweet friend either emailed me or blogged me, offering me their bottle of "Be Delicious" because their husband did not like it. I've looked back over my messages, but I couldn't find it. It's not major important, but just thought I'd ask about it.

If it was you, I WOULD LOVE TO TAKE IT OFF YOUR HANDS!!!!!! It was such a gracious offer that I am most grateful for. Have a delicous day!



****Update- I just found out who made the sweet offer. She just happened to post today on my other blog, and mentioned it! What timing. She didn't even read the post on this blog. Thanks Kelly!!!!!!!!!


Joyful said...
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Joyful said... wasn't me.
Hope you're able to get it.
(My favourite perfume is "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder, just in case you cared.) :)
Have a delightful day,