Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Friday

It's Friday. And I guess it's been fun. This has been a crazy week. Mostly good, very busy. Are my weeks any other way?

It's late. 11:30ish as I write. I'm going back and forth between email, twitter, facebook, and my blog. I'm also watching a movie with Hayden, my 13 yr old son (Shredderman Rules). There are others in the room, but they have drifted off. So, I guess I'm multi-tasking.

Earlier tonight, Hayley Grace had dress rehearsal for her dance recital. Friday nights are usually reserved for doing NOTHING! "Nothing" didn't start until around 10:30 due to the rehearsal. Tomorrow will be busy as well. Hayden is attending a bat mitzvah, Hayley Grace is attending Sydney's 9th birthday party (Happy Birthday Syd!), and our family is celebrating Dylan's 5th grade graduation. Sunday we will go to church in the morning and HG's dance recital in the afternoon. Right? LOL!

Some great news came our way this week. About my mom. Check it out here: Click "journal" to get the latest update. It is really good for a change!

Are you having fun? Has summer officially started for you? What are you doing this summer? Let me know!And have a blessed and beautiful weekend!

Love you much,



Joyful said...

Well, I had GREAT FUN yesterday, June 12, celebrating my son's 17th b'day. It started bright and early as he wanted home-made waffles with blueberries for that is what he enjoyed, compliments of his mother (who was sooooo surprised they turned out!!! I'm horrible in the kitchen and my husband usually makes the waffles!).

I spent my day with Dad at the hospital, then picked up my son from school and put myself on "fast forward" to get ready for the 14 people who would be eating dinner at our house.

We had a happy time of celebration. Lots of love and laughter. A few difficult moments when I'd realize that Dad was missing from the celebration. First time EVER. I am making a cake and we are celebrating with Dad on Sunday.

It WAS a "Fun Friday". And, to answer your, summer has not officially started for us yet. My son is still in school until June 22nd...and then...unfortunately...he has to go to Summer School...not because he failed a course (he get's over 90% in every subject), but because a course he wants in Grade 12 is causing a conflict in next year's schedule and he doesn't want to miss taking this extra for us will go until August this year! :o(

We do hope to get little breaks to head "up north", but with Dad's situation it makes getting away more of a challenge.

Rejoicing with all God's goodness to you and your family. Hope you have fun at HG's dance recital this weekend. Can't wait to see pics!

Love & hugs,

Brandee said...

I read the update on your mom. That is wonderful news! Praise the Lord!

Sounds like summer is keeping you guys busy :) Summer for us started the end of May. Will and I are having a great time swimming at the YMCA a couple times a week and going to the free summer movies at Regal Cinemas on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings with friends. This coming week we wanted to see both movies they were going to be playing so I think we are going to go both days and then have picnics with friends afterwards. Will has started really being creative and has an imaginary place he has called "Will's World." He always says things like, "In Will's world..." Him and I decided this morning we are going to work on a book this summer called "Will's World." It will be a great rainy day project we can do until he goes to school in August. I have a Cricut machine and I am anxious to see what all he comes up with to put in his book that we can cut out using it. This month we are working through his "I Am a Christian" now book and he is doing great with memorizing his scriptures. He is so smart! We found out his school is going to have an advanced Kindergarten and that is an answer to prayer.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hi Joy :) Blueberry waffles are one of Will's favs too!


Chef Diane said...

We ended our week and school year with our favorite tradition. Since the boys first started school we took them out for ice-cream for dinner to celebrate the end of the school year.

This year my oldest is a rising junior in college. He is taking some summer classes and surprised us by coming home late yesterday evening. My middle son is now a rising senior and my youngest is now a rising junior. It was so much fun to sit and watch them catch up with one another. When they were little guys ice-cream for dinner was a filling offer. Now that they are grown men, it is just the appetizer. Oh, well it is still a tradition and I love to start my summer off with it.
It will be a busy summer for all of us as well. Praying for some beach time. I really need some friends that have some connections. tee hee.

I am so glad to hear the good news about your mom. I will keep you all close in prayer on the 18th.
Love you,