Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Am Brunette!

I was in need of a change. Something new. Something to get excited about.

As you know I haven't been blogging much. Life has thrown it's curve balls and blogging has taken a back seat. The teen blog I started in August is more or less nonexistent. I keep going back and forth between this blog and my other one, I'm contemplating merging the 2. I don't know how that will work, but I'm praying about it. I guess I've bitten off more than I can chew.

My mom and I went wig shopping on Monday. Have I told you how beautiful she is? Her strength and dignity amazes me. She found a wig she likes and she indeed does look beautiful. She had her 2nd chemo treatment today. And tomorrow me and the kids are going with the salon. She's getting her head buzzed/shaved. Her hair has been falling in clumps for 2 weeks. That has been so hard to watch. Everytime I see her pull out her hair, it just kills me. I am reminded that God knows every hair on our head...even the ones that fall out. And that reminds me that God is watching over my mom. He knows her every day and is with her.

My natural tendancy is to be blue and dwell on what I cannot change. I have to really fight and be intentional on believing God and trusting Him to take care of things. I read scriptures and promises from the Lord and I believe them. But I still "feel" sad and forgotten.

It's been 4 months since I got my hair cut. Now what that means is that it's also been 4 months since my roots have been done! Seriously, my hair looked like 2 totally different colors. So I decided to go for a change. This was a major change for me. I've been blonde for 7 years. My husband thought I'd look good blonde, so that's what I did. Well, I was feeling the need for a change. I got approval all around, except from my husband....My co workers thought my hair would be great brown, my friends thought I should do what makes me happy. My husband would not express his opinion. He just said, "I want you to be happy."

Well, I went. And I made a big change. I am now a brunette. Not blonde. And I've already learned that blondes do NOT have more fun! But I like it. A lot.

Thank you for your prayers. I love you and think you are so beautiful!


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Joyful said...

Well, that explains why you're really so smart! You aren't a true blonde! HAHAHA!!! My friend you are gorgeous, and it has nothing to do with your hair colour! Your heart is so beautiful that it is really all I see.

I wish so much you could have been with me a couple of weeks ago. I asked an older lady from our church to share her testimony with my Bible study girls. In fact, it touched me so deeply, I had her come the following week to my home and I had a little "God Story" party with some friends because I knew they too would be blessed by what she had to share.

She is a cancer survivor - stage 3. She gave witness to the verse that when you sow in tears you reap in shouts of joy. I sat and cried through most of her story. Through this experience she KNOWS God. She doesn't know more about Him, she KNOWS Him intimately. Their relationship is breathtaking it's so beautiful. She has me longing for more of Him.

Melissa, you are not alone. I know you "feel" sad and forgotten, but I also know you know the truth in your head, that God will never leave you or forsake you. He is with you always. Others are with you too - maybe not all physcially with you (although the one typing this would love to be able to give this brunette a hug - we need pictures Melissa), but the prayers surrounding you and your Mom and your entire family are with you in heart and spirit.

I love you my sweet friend. I'm storming heaven on your behalf.

Believing with you for God's best,